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Taylor’s Arrest: News From The Great Beyond – Part Three Paul Yeenie Harry

"...since I had realized that the ancestors had the power to take people across that River of Death, willy-nilly, I wanted to stress the point that I would never attempt lying to them, so, to stress my faithfulness and seriousness, I spoke like the hypocritical presidents of almost every country, when taking their oath of office. This is how I went …” more>>>

Delaying Justice in the name of Peace in Liberia Ben Tee Browne

~ (May 3 2006) "...I think we ought to stop kidding ourselves, the “by-gone” we are referring to may not totally be achieved if we continue to reward these war zealots with positions in government in the name of peace to serve the same people they committed all the barbaric acts against in the name of liberation. I think they all must face justice like their king, Charles Taylor...” more>>>

Why Should Director Sieh Not Be Held In Contempt? By Thomas Kai Toteh

~ May 3 2006 "...It is little over two weeks today since the flogging of the journalists, which was followed by PUL’s complain to the director of the Liberian National Police, Beatrice Munah Sieh. No sign of a probe into the flogging of the journalists as yet. The perpetrators have not been identified, and are still working on their official duties with impunity..." more>>>

The Darfur suffering and carnage: a capable world refuses to act Paul Yeenie Harry

"...The silence and inaction is not about whether the world knows, or doesn’t know, about who is affected in the Darfur crisis – the world knows. It’s clear that the non-Arab black Africans are the ones that are subjected to the great human sufferings and decimation taking place in the region. Leading humanitarian and human rights organizations, the media, officials of different governments, etc., have all gathered and reported information on this. The world knows this!...” more>>>

For the Sake Of Liberia's National Interest, Please Clean Up the Foreign Service By Liberian Interest Group

"...We witnessed and heard the unprofessional and corrupt activities at the Liberian Embassy in Washington. More than that took place in other Liberian Embassies especially the Middle East. ...” more>>>


"...Research of publicly available intelligence information shows that several African countries, to some degree, were developing, maintaining or pursuing offensive chemical and biological weapons programs at some point in time. Namely, the African countries include South Africa, Libya, Egypt and Sudan....” more>>

Violent Regime Change in Liberia: Politicians' Connection and the Retribution by Thomas K Toteh

"...After the rice riot, soldiers’ partisanship in the Progressive People’s Party was rapidly growing to a record number. Gurley Street was like a military barracks. The sleeves of soldiers’ military shirts swiveled above their elbows. They answered PPP’s battle cry with their fists up while some of them passed through the crowd and headed to the military barracks. Some soldiers would stand around the dusty and small pink building situated in the slummy part of Gurley Street to listen to political rhetoric..." more>>

Liberian Government cracks down on Fundamental Human Rights By Tamba D. Aghailas

"...Some call it witch-hunting; proponents say the government wants to maintain the fragile peace Liberia is enjoying. For me, it is a political blunder that could bring to failure the Johnson-Sirleaf government in a matter of time. One cannot build a beacon of democracy through government actions that undermine the fundamental rights of its people. ..." more>>>

Africa Malaria Day Message by Dr Somah

Malaria has been eradicated in the developed nations such as US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Romania with aggressive interventions, including widespread use of DDT that ended malaria lethal grip. Today, the citizens of these nations are enjoying malaria freed environment, working, living long life, building their nation, but our people poise for another April 25, 2006 (Africa Malaria Day) which will be marked by myriad of promises. more>>>

Marketers’ Relocation and Demolition Could be Concomitant by Thomas K Toteh

"...The Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made public pronouncements over and over before and after her inauguration to recuperate and accommodate the youth so that they would become useful citizens in the new Liberia. Unfortunately, the recent early morning demolition exercise in Monrovia and raids on street peddlers is frustrating and falls short of her government’s policy of national healing...." more>>>

A Review of Thomas Kai Toteh’s book, African Child from Wizard to Refugee by Ima Myers

"...Interwoven with the political undertones of the book, is the passion and determination of Kailou, the reincarnate, who struggles to be different from Kailou the hunter/wizard. This drives him to overcome the multiple ordeals he faced; ranging from the death of his guardian, to the onset of the Liberian civil war, to the culture shock he met in the United States...” more>>>


The dramatic mirage escape and the subsequent arrest climax by the repatriation and turning over “ceremony” of Africa’s most wanted evil schemer is now history. When comrade Ernest G.Smith Jr. few month ago predicted the above scenario in the above poem, many including the judges at the Special Court in Freetown and fellow advocates never imagined neither agree that the much publicized, sought after and negotiated Taylor’s arrest would have been that easy. more>>>

Ghankay Taylor, Hero and Time Bomb Why Countries Wouldn’t Keep Him? ~ by Thomas K Toteh

"...Charles Taylor fled Liberia with approximately US$1m to the United States. The United States of America failed to send him back to face charges of embezzlement after Liberian government’s plea. Instead, he was sent to the Plymouth County House of Correction in Boston. He allegedly broke jail and escaped the US mysteriously..." more>>>

Taylor’s Arrest: News From The Great Beyond – Part TWO ~ by Paul Y Harry

"...These are Krahn people, the main ethnic group targeted by Charles Taylor and his rebels. The whole group you see from here to the coconut tree down there were killed by Taylor’s rebels between 1990 and 1997. And the man in the middle is the late President Samuel Doe of the Krahn tribe, whom Taylor said he came to remove. He is the man about whom Taylor also said, ‘The only good Doe is a dead Doe.’ He, too, has just said that the only good Taylor is a handcuffed Taylor.” Upon hearing this, I forgot about my fear of not wanting to stay in the world of the Dead, and I almost laughed...” more>>>

Amnesty and the Liberian TRC: Who Is Pardonable? ~ by Aaron Sleh

"...In Buchanan, Lofa and parts of Southeastern Liberia, MODEL forces, LURD troops and Taylor’s militia are on record for brutalizing civilians and subjecting them to inhumane treatment without justification, and without punishment from their leaders. When these acts of violence against civilians in Buchanan are brought before the TRC, people like Thomas Yaya Nimely, Joe Wylie and others might have to answer. These violations would render these men ineligible for amnesty unless they are found to be blameless....” more>>>


Education is my name, yes, education is my beneficial name to humanity more>>>

Africa, From Colonialism to War by Thomas Toteh

The emancipation of Africa from colonial rule was immediately trailed by dictatorial rules, which over the years proved to be a replica or even worse than colonialism. First the liberators of Africa began posing themselves as the masters, kings, and monopoly of knowledge, and hence, declaring themselves directly or indirectly for life time rules. African liberators’ misapprehension about their exclusive political ingenuities, helped to ignite bitter political rivalries in their prospective countries. For example, Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe before and after independence got at each throat for leadership, and Mugabe surviving the political rivalry is becoming a lifetime ruler. more>>>

Taylor’s Arrest: News From The Great Beyond – Part One ~ by Paul Harry

"...In my dream, I found myself walking along the bank of a huge West African river, something like the Cavalla River, which runs between Liberia and the Ivory Coast. Out of a sudden, a little canoe in which were two individuals, an old man and a woman, appeared and paddled towards the direction where I stood...” more>>>

WHY GHANKAY TAYLOR WILL BE CONVICTED! ~ by Ernest G. Smith Jr. & Mantue S. Reeves

"...Besides his notorious role in fuelling the barbaric civil war in Sierra Leone and destabilizing that country during her 11-year war, the 17-count charges accused Taylor of several atrocities, including exciting rebellions in Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire, causing mayhem, mass murders, smuggling of minerals and crime against humanity. As it were, the prosecutor also published Taylor’s warrant of arrest along with the indictment..." more>>>

Wolves in Sheep Clothing, Charles Taylor May Confess Names, Governments ~ by Thomas K. Toteh

God has not stopped revealing to me about the mystery surrounding Charles Taylor’s escape from jai and his subsequent exit from the Great United States of America. From time to time, it bothers me when I listen to the world and the people of Liberia talk about his atrocities in Sierra Leone and Liberia without making observation about his mysterious disappearance from America. more>>>

MOVIE “GUN-RUNNER” VS REAL LIFE GUN-RUNNER Where is Victor Bout? ~ by Thomas K. Toteh.

Movies may be for the entertainment of a particular or a variety of audiences, but the drama, in most movies portrays a situation or succession of events in real life, which is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing a dialogue action. more>>>

10 Years Later: Remembering the horrors of 'Operation April 6' ~ by E. H Payne

What I saw as the tragic paradox of the Liberian civil war occurred on the morning of April 6 , 1996 , when an unholy matrimony between two foes - Alhaji kromah and Charles Taylor - was formed and sought to eliminate one of the main variables in the Liberian political equation , Mr. Roosevelt Johnson. more>>>

What is The Commander-in-Chief Intent: An After Action Review by Masu Fahnbulleh

"...Liberia was estimated to have had some 60- thousands ex-combatants to include the 6- thousands former AFL soldiers who currently are without a job-the US $350-$550 disarmament /weapon- for- cash program –long time spent. The size of this job-less force can only be gauged by the turnout at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) in hope of re-entering active military service. The appropriate Presidential Initiative to adequately address this issue all but seems lacking in the current administration-and- now is the time for an AFTER ACTION REVIEW...” more>>>

Gabriel Gbolleh, Jackson F. Doe, Fred J. Blay Lead Parade to Freetown by Thomas K. Toteh

The parade begins from Greenville, Sinoe County from the old Administrative building; Gabriel Gbolleh from Bong County heads the parade. Greenville, Sinoe County was chosen because it falls at the end of Liberia, from where the major highway begins. The marchers supposed people from Lofa, Grand Bassa, and the rest of the country will line in route from Sinoe through Monrovia to Grand cape Mount to Freetown, Sierra Leone. more>>>


"...Ethnicity and ethnic identification can be transformed into positive cogs in the development of a national identity. However, we cannot induce the inter-generational hatred or prejudice as the impetus for our personal development and aggrandizement at the expense of diminishing the opportunities of those who are of other ethnic persuasions....” more>>>

Is This The Charles Ghankay Taylor Of Liberia? by Paul Yeenie Harry

"...I may sound insane, buffoonery, childish, uneducated, histrionic, bemused, moronic, and all the other adjectives you may have in the best-unabridged dictionary of the English language. But the fact of the matter is that I can’t believe what I have seen: a handcuffed Charles Taylor. ....” more>>>

Liberia: The die is cast after Taylor’s arrest

"...Time is up for warlords and their accomplices. Once Taylor’s fate is sealed at his trial, Liberians must revisit the flimsy peace arrangement that brought warlords to power. While they enjoy national wealth, the majority of Liberians are left to scavenge on less than a dollar a day..." more>>>

On the Run...Again..! by Solomon Myers

There was once a rich and successful poultry farmer, who was planning to embark on a trip. He needed a caretaker for his poultry farm, and eventually found a temporary and reliable replacement during his absence. more>>>

The Truth Will Reveal Itself by Thomas K. Toteh

Oh my goodness! Thank God this day has come. This day has been long overdue. more>>>

Liberians Are Betrayed Again by Thomas K. Toteh

"...The day Charles Taylor ceremonially boarded the Nigerian presidential aircraft under the wing of Olusegun Obasanjo; the smartest ones already knew history would repeat itself. Who says Obasanjo and Sirleaf are not aware of Charles Taylor’s frame of mind? Charles Taylor, up to the point the news about his disappearance broke out, was like one governor in Nigeria...." more>>>

Practical Solutions to the Congestion, Mosquito and Security problems in Monrovia by Solomon Myers.

"There is enough in the world for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed."..... more>>>

Taylor Prepares his defense ~ by Hassan Bility

"....From all indications, it appears the cult of one man is still looming large over Liberia. If Liberians are wondering how this can be possible, they may want to look at the new legislature, the House Representatives. The election of a FRAUD as speaker of the House was purely Taylor’s handiworks. In the months leading to the election of a speaker, Taylor made frantic efforts to see one of his stooges elected to the position. He channeled money to Edwin Snowe, personally placed calls some candidates who were in the contest asking them drop out of the race for the post of speaker and contacted some other members for their support with promises of money.....” more>>>

An Interview With Mama Liberia – Part Four by Paul Yeenie Harry

~ (March 27th 2006) "...My children are like fingers of the same hand; they belong together. A truth and reconciliation commission, for example, would be necessary in knowing what happened between the ethnic groups and what could be done to engendered reconciliation among them – as groups. This also applies to town versus town, village versus village, individual versus town, individual versus village, individual versus individual, family versus family, family member versus family, etc, etc....” more >>>


"..."...Ethnicity is an illusion, a way of identifying us at birth, something we cannot avoid. But we have the obligation as adults to forge a new identity for ourselves, an identity in which others have a place in our lives, despite colour, creed or place of birth..." ~ Vamba Sheriff..." more>>>

I Have Solutions for Potential Hazardous Chemical Disasters In Liberia by Jerome Sheldon, Jr

"...First, production, transport, and use of flammable, explosive or toxic chemicals have grown significantly in both developing and developed countries. Second, greater and more centralized productions have increased the quantities of chemicals manufactured and the distances across which they are transported throughout the country. Third, in a country like ours, population growth nearer to chemical plants and along transportation routes means that there are large communities in great number at high risk following a chemical accident. With this background let us look at issue for actions with respect to chemical disaster management in our backyard...” more>>>


Liberia: A Tale of Two Seasons by Tim Shelton

"...After listening to President Johnson-Sirleaf’s eloquent address to the U.S. Congress, I could not help but think there is a change of seasons happening in Liberia. Perhaps her government will be able to end Liberia’s political and economic dry season and quench her citizens’ thirst for an enduring peace, honest government, economic opportunity, inclusion and establishment of the rule of law....” more>>>

Truth As a Function of the Available Facts: Truth and Reconciliation Amidst a Culture of Silence by By Aaron Sleh

"...In nearly every case that will come before the TRC, there will be loads of accusations and counter accusations. But somewhere at the bottom of this heap of claims and denials - somewhere at the bottom of it all - will lie the truth. ...” more>>>

Getting Rid of Malaria in Liberia for Redevelopment By Syrulwa Somah

Malaria is one of the key causes of miscarriages among women in Liberia. When the mosquito bites a mother-to-be, merozoites invade her body and destroy her red blood cells. When a pregnant woman develops malaria it enters the placenta, which is very dangerous because the malaria parasites multiply and continue to burst the cells of the placenta. more>>>

IT’S TIME TO TAKE TAYLOR TO COURT ~ An Analysis by Hassan Bility

..The bottom line is that Taylor will have to face the inevitable: He will need to clear his name at the Freetown Court. He cannot expect sympathy from either Liberians or Sierra Leoneans. The fact is, Africans do not shed tears for a disgraced and dethroned ‘HERO’ who, at the peak of his power, chose to kill everyone who disagreed with him. And the question on everyone’s mind is how Taylor will feel seeing himself in prison when he is convicted of the war crimes and crimes against humanity he now stands accused of. Wherever he may be at this moment, a million thoughts must be running through his head. Certainly, one would be the sad and disgraceful end of the “Butcher of the Balkans”, Slobodan Milosevic, who died a few days ago in his prison cell at the Hague.....” more>>>

How some African Opposition Political Parties Contribute to one-party rule and failed states by Emmanuel Abalo

"...In Liberia, diplomatic and human rights sources are already grumbling about the “no show” of the opposition since the inauguration of the Ellen Johnson Administration. It appears, due to high poverty level, most opposition politicians would rather hustle for a government job under the guise of the “need for an inclusive” government rather than fulfill their obligation of representing and projecting the views and interests of the minority who hold a different view for an effective democracy. The age old argument of some of these opposition politicians is “I have to eat before I talk politics.”...” more>>>


....children are the hope for the future of any generation of people and, if so, the world must consider the plight of these children who hold the key to Africa’s future, and respond to their call. Let’s not look on unconcerned whilst their lives are abruptly ended because of starvation....” more>>>

ANOTHER CHARTERED FLIGHT - When will we ever learn? by Siakon Nagbe

"... perhaps, having learned from the bitter experience of the 'inaugural flight', the organizers of this flight need to clarify whether they have a signed and guaranteed contract that the flight will be available to leave on the date scheduled. In other words, have they paid the airline in full? Or, are they once again collecting money and speculating that they can sell enough tickets? ...." more>>>

Liberia: Battle Fatigue- A Nation in Transition by MASU FAHNBULLEH

"...Today, we find a Commander-in-Chief, in person of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who too is bent on revisiting this historic past-her display of egregious judgment in appointing a uniform Nigerian military officer on February 11th, 2006 (General Luka Nyah Yusuf) in charge of the Restructuring process. This is a further denigration of the role of those men and women who served honorably and played...” more>>>

Protecting Liberia's Future by Paul Yeenie Harry

"...In the countryside, the children either go with their parents on the farm and stay with them until nightfall, or go alone in the bushes to fish, hunt animals, or just engage in any other activities that will help them and their families to survive. The children and their parents are struggling to survive. Life is brutal towards them!...” more>>>

The Truth And Reconciliation Panel - A Dead Victim Prepares Her Case !!! by Emmanuel H. Payne jr

~ (February 28 2006) "...I swear , if my offenders and the perpetrators of those diabolical and nefarious acts(regardless of their current statuses as 'honorable honorables' , 'honorable excellencies' , 'honorable sheiks' , 'honorable evangelists' , 'honorable businessmen , 'honorable directors' , 'honorable taxi drivers' , 'honorable petty-traders' , 'honorable shoe-shine boys', etc) would come forth and admit their guilt and seek forgiveness , I shall walk to them one by one ; hug them one by one ; kiss each one on the cheek and reconcile with them all...” more>>>

Dual Citizenship: Solution to Liberia's Brain Drain? by Mr. Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor

...The current Liberian Government is under pressure to seek out individual Liberians with the necessary skills, professionalism and integrity. And this process includes other Liberians with dual citizenship status. Most of Liberia's best minds are in the Diaspora. Some of the individuals within the Diaspora had to take up naturalized citizenships of their host countries in order to be able to practice their professional crafts... more>>>


A Bright New Day! by I. B. Twegbe

(February 25th 2006) The rooster crowed a bright new day, and Ellen takes the helm of the Ship of State, And vows to keep her right on course...more>>>


Liberia: The Commander-in-Chief and The Armed Forces of Liberia by Masu Fahnbulleh

"...The Liberian Senate needs to act quickly to avoid a potential crisis from erupting with unprecedented and unassuming consequences, even long after the Nigerian General has relinquished his Command and returned to Lagos. This attempt by the Commander-in-Chief to marginalize the rank and file of those who served in honesty our country must be stopped-all Liberians now must be moving forward with Reconciliation and Reconstruction –not Recrimination. Personalization and tribal patronage of the Armed Forces by past administrations gravely contributed to not just the demise, but largely to the resorption of an ‘Institution’ within our society and it must be discontinued....” more>>>

What is a Stroke: How to recognize,prevent and treat strokes by LAWRENCE A. ZUMO, MD

~ February 24 2006 The recent news stories about Liberia’s Archibishop Michael Kpakala Francis’ affliction with stroke, as well as reports from Liberia about patients (adults and children) who present themselves to local clinics and health centers with symptoms suggestive of strokes and are often told to go home because this is not a hospital treatable illness and remotely about Israel’s Ariel Sharon suffering the devastating consequences of a stroke should be a good point for us to educate ourselves and review some information about this often.. more>>>

Dual Citizenship: A Conversation with Cllr. Jalloh by Nvasekie N. Konneh

As to the legal matter, we are in the process of putting a legal team together so as to challenge § 22.1. of the Alien and Naturalization Laws of Liberia as unconstitutional. Liberians with multiple citizenships should know that the political branches, acting individually or jointly, do not have the authority to summarily deprive a Liberian of his or her Liberian citizenship. The right of Liberians to hold their Liberian citizenship is a fundamental right, and the Constitution requires the government to provide a person with due process of law before such a right maybe taken away....~ Cllr. Jalloh more>>>


So, We Should Never Get to Know? by Paul Yeenie Harry

"...Many incredibly horrible things happened to many people – some are dead and some are still alive – in different ways and places. And the stories MUST be told by the living. We want to know what happened, how it happened, where it happened, when it happened, why it happened, who did it, who gave the order, who masterminded it, etc., etc. And, if possible, the stories must be written and distributed. Generations unborn must also know what happened when they were not around. Let them learn about the individuals whose names have been written in the “Book of the Men of Evil.” ....” more>>>

Civil War, Greed Cloud Liberians' Minds? by Thomas Kai Toteh

"...Oops! Are we starting hit and run government again? Is it clemency type government? 5% of government employees have not received their pays, yet we want a decent looking city. The typical Liberians say, “Clothes not fine on an empty stomach.”...." more>>>


A Time to Celebrate or Not to! by Tamba D. Aghailas

"...The challenges are enormous; the expectations are high. Liberia could live up to its promise of “a free land of liberty with justice and peace for all” through the government’s resource management expertise. The resources (diamonds, gold, rubber, timber, palm-oil, coffee, cocoa; palm-wine, just to name a few) that adorned the Liberian soil, if manage in a transparent and equitable manner, will give each and every Liberian the chance to benefit from this massive wealth and enable the ordinary people to improve their living standards...." more>>>

Watch Out Liberians! by Thomas Kai Toteh

Watch out Liberians Watch out! Be on the careful watch for wolves in sheep clothing. more>>>


"...Mr. Kromah has the right, just like the others above, to freely express himself. I don’t see anything wrong with Kromah’s comment. For anyone to suggest that "Mr. Kromah’s demand for official appointment based on religious affiliation could be a recipe for disaster" is an exaggerated statement.... " more>>>

The Issue of Foreign Citizenship: An Unnecessary Litmus Test

IN THE CONCERTED EFFORT to ensure Liberia’s advancement from years of decadence and destruction, much emphasis has been laid upon the goals of peace, democracy, reconstruction and rehabilitation. Accordingly, these themes appropriately define the solution for our national problem. However, its has become increasingly clear through unfolding events that the desired solution of lasting peace and democracy as prerequisites to reconstruction, must be accompanied by a process of comprehensive reformation. more>>>

Oh Pay Day! by Ernest G.Smith, Jr

Pay day! Pay day! O what a remarkable pay day big papa; while other scepters were dreaming development and cordial co-existence, you diligently and indeed courageously worked to established that which you desired-Chaotic sub region. more>>>

The Scourge of Small Arms Proliferation by Emmanuel Abalo

"... It is recommended then that the African Union and ECOWAS, with technical assistance from the international community and the United Nations must undertake a coherent and practical system to identify weaknesses in the import and export control of arms in member states, institute measures to deal with countries that violate “sanctions busting“ laws and campaign for an arms free West African sub-region ...” more>>>

Reconciliation Reconciliation by Ernest G.Smith, Jr

From the comfort of my noxious and bugs-infested cubicle in the heart of the Ijebu Land; I herald! more>>>


..Any attempt by Mrs. Sirleaf to allow these corrupt criminals to continue at the bank will be met with stiff resistance through a mass action. There is no place for criminals like Greene and Dennis in this new arrangement. They continue to live in luxury at the expense of the rest of the workers. Greene recently give to his concubine, an SUV jeep intended for a GEMAP representative after using bank resources to acquire the vehicle. If you took a survey at the bank among common employees, they are fed up with the mess created at the bank and only awaiting the president to save the institution by appointing a credible board that will save the institution... more>>>

The Links Between Malaria, Miscarriages, and Poverty in Liberia By Syrulwa Somah, PhD

"... Liberia and its people stand to gain nothing by sitting on the fence to see our wives, mothers and sisters who choose life die in drove from malaria. Deuteronomy 30:19 says "Choose life, says the Lord, that you and your descendants may live! But how do we in Liberia expect our nation to live on when we agree with misplaced priorities and let not the little fetus become children to come to us, and we let malaria stop them; knowing that it is to such as that the next Liberia belongs. As Liberians, we have a moral obligation to chart a new direction and change our malaria statistics for the better, by burying this national calamity once and for all. ...” more>>>


"...Liberia may have no "oil' to attract America's interest in helping her ..but least they forget that the blood , sweat and tears of the african people..the descendents of whom founded Liberia...were the fuel used to start turning the wheels of American industries. Our indigenous forefathers manned the soil that the Americans used for war purposes and rubber cultivation . Americans have 'Americanized' every sector of the Liberian society including our culture ,religions , institutions ,etc thus causing a complication in our natural social growth and integration which would have been easier outside foreign interference....” more>>>

Was I Wrong? By: Ernest G. Smith, Jr

"...Was the advocate of meritocracy ever wrong when she chose to spent three decades and more assiduously preparing for this moment? Was the actress on the stage wrong when she with enough remorse pleaded that her kinsmen have mercy upon her and join the bandwagon of uppers charged with the burning desire of serving Mama’s Land?....” more>>>

~ by John Narrold Sunday, B.A. (Hons) Econs; M.Sc(Finance)

"...The Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidency represents an opportunity for yet another transition – a genuine transition. In the hands of all of our elected officials, especially in the hands of President Johnson-Sirleaf and the Executive Branch of government, lies the unique opportunity of making the tough decisions to move the country in an entirely different direction....” more>>>


"... Where does Mr. Snowe draw the moral and professional rectitude to “protect democracy” let alone criticize the United Nations? It is quite easy to throw around a catch word like “democracy.” The outmost concern here is the process of election of the Speaker of Parliament. Credible news reports have indicated that Mr.Snowe, intent on becoming Speaker of the Assembly undertook to “bribe” some of his colleagues for consideration.....” more>>>

Historic Inauguration Signals Dawn of New Day in Liberia by LEHEDE

The Liberian History, Education, & Development, Inc. (LIHEDE) is gratified by unfolding events in Liberia regarding the historic inauguration next Monday, January 16, of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as the first female president of Liberia and the first female head of state in modern Africa. more>>>


"...This level of deceit by Liberians towards other Liberians is reminiscence of the fabric or corruption, deceit and personal greed which has engulfed the nation as a whole. And once again, the end will be impunity as it exists in Liberia. I, like many other Liberians, was bombarded with solicitation emails from Adeliade Gardner, Rufus Berry and Alex St. James Cisco, over the last weeks, with information on the flight that failed to materialize. ...." more>>>


...As a result of chaos in the last two decades, we have lost everything with the exception of our self-importance and pride. We still have our political acumen intact, which I think is far superior to that of any in West Africa. Yes, we are one of the most corrupt societies in West Africa. But when it comes to the art of political pageantry and legislative proceedings, Liberians are “masters.”.... more>>>

CBL: COMING FROM THE COLD - A Rejoinder to the anonymous article: CBL: since then, what have been the subsequent events unfolding?

... Mr. Saleeby contracted relatives and friends of his Ghanaian wife to perform services that could be performed by Liberians. These Ghanaians had unhindered access to the Bank’s financial records. The CBL purchased their round trip air tickets, paid them contractual fees, daily per diem of US$200 and provided accommodation, transportation, telephone and daily meals. He divided his working period between Liberia and his family in Ghana. .... more>>>

Malaria , Liberia’s National Security Threats By Syrulwa Somah, PhD

"... How can we build a democratic nation when our children are dropping and dying like flies? How can we build a democratic nation when our children are shaking with fever and convulsions, vomit when there is nothing left in their stomachs, and cry out from the pain and thirst?...How can we build a proud nation when our female and male athletics are too weak from malaria or malaria related illnesses to perform to their best during national/ international competitions to make us proud to say son or daughter “come and sit on my old leg and break it”?...” more>>>>

The Enemy of Our enemy is Most Commonly Us! By Syrulwa Somah, PhD

"... We cannot build a great nation with stubbornness to not wand corruption, nepotism, favoritism, false start, and change for the betterment. However, our collective or individual response to their error must never endanger the Republic....” more>>>

Liberia Presidential Ranking: Another Look at the Dunn-Allen Theory By Nat Galarea Gbessagee

" counter recommendation to the freelance efforts by Dunn and Allen is for Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to be inaugurated as the 23rd president of Liberia until such time that the Liberian government can officially set the record straight regarding presidential ranking in Liberia. My fear is that if we begin to tolerate freelance efforts of the kind undertaken by Dunn and Allen without due respect to Liberian law, we might run the risk of setting a bad precedence of changing historical records in Liberia on the fly...." more>>>


"... more than 4, 500 Liberians, mostly babies will not celebrate 2005 “feast of children” with their family or live to abundantly have life comes December 25, 2005. Malaria killed them without having any chance to glory! And for the Liberian little children who will live to see 2005 and receive gifts are equally susceptible to be victimized by malaria and malaria-related complications. These children are likely to leave their joys or gifts by their graveyard for the world to see our collective failure. We can do better!..” more>>>

The Tides of Reforms in Liberia: a closer look at the roles of the
Youths By Aagon F. Tingba, Jr.

"....Borrowing from the father of modern scientific management, Frederick Taylor, the first tide of reforms in Liberia –the Liberian Bourgeoisie - could be attributed to the scientific management theory of Taylor. However, unlike the era of the Liberian bourgeoisie, this theory focuses on bureaucratic structure and implementation strategies..." more>>>>

Message to Mrs. Taylor and 3 million Liberians Home and Abroad! by Mr. Sapladoe Kuleh

... Mrs. Taylor, I am an innocent Liberian and if you want a list of them (innocent Liberians), I can also submit that to you. If you will truly give us our former president in exchange for a list of innocent Liberians, I can guarantee it. As a current servant to the Liberian people, your vote is going to be needed to put Charles Taylor away. You must pick between serving your nation or Charles G. Taylor..... more>>>

Poem of Courage for the President-Elect by Prince Dennis

You are a little soldier, fighting hard for life,
You came upon the scene of cruel human strife,
Your mother taught you to always to be good and true,
and in every battle don't try to be blue. more>>>

Congratulations Madam President By P.Y. Tsikata

"....Her election to the highest office of Liberia and the first of its kind on a continent, where male hegemony is celebrated, is a testament to the gradual transformation of gender roles and relations on the continent....” more>>>


"...Yes, it’s great for George to stand for a cause, especially one he really believes in but to be delusional to the point where he is declaring himself “President of Liberia” is simply incredible to me. Displaying “fraudulent” ballots, making declarations, and spewing accusations are just not enough to convince anyone of the massive level of conspiracy required to rig an election, especially one that was closely observed by the international community. The CDC must make a logical, legal case and pursue the due process of law instead of issuing strongly worded statements that could be destabilizing to the fragile peace we are currently holding on to and/or interpreted as inimical to peace in Liberia. ...” more>>>

Using Six Sigma to Reinvigorate Public Corporations By Andre P. Pope

".... I am confident that six sigma can play an important role of reducing variations and defects in various processes and improve operational excellence at all levels. Top companies in the United States and other parts of the world, for example, have produced outstanding results with Six Sigma...” more>>>

CBL: since then, what have been the subsequent events unfolding? Submitted Anonymously

Since Charles A. Greene came to power, corruptible activities have continuously flooded the walls of the CBL. These activities not only derive negative multiplier effects on the bank’s financial position, but also, they result to unequal distribution of the resources that should be available to the rest of the employees.
...” more>>>


"...Will David Farhat be banned from a position in government? When a finance minister leaves Liberia, runs to the U.S, and purchases a home in Ellicott City, a Maryland exclusive Golf community and opens a Gas company – it does not take a rocket scientist to determine that he did not do that on his $1000/month Minister salary. ...." more>>>

Building New Bridges For Unity in Liberia By Syrulwa Somah, PhD

"... As one people, our conversations, emails, articles, songs, and debates must be dedicated to Liberia’s development. We can rebuild Liberia, and we can start today by looking at ourselves. Our eye sight should take us places we have by commission and omission overlooked. ...” more>>>


"...We got to the center of Saclepea where I grew up as a child. We used to play hide and seek, sometime with the girls, other time with our crowd of boys... " more>>>


"...There is enough blame to go around in Cote d’Ivoire. However, the argument can be made that both rebel northerners and the government may have legitimate cases that need to be addressed through constitutional and peaceful means in order to end the division of the country and resolve the political impasse. But the use of force of arms by either side to gain an advantage at the “political table” is totally unacceptable and a violation of international law. ....” more>>>

Thieves As “Honorable” Officials In The Outgoing Liberian Government By Emmanuel Abalo

"...We applaud the United States government, who through its Ambassador Mr. Donald Booth, has warned that it will deny U.S. entry visa to these Parliamentarians and any government official who take government property along with their exit....” more>>>

Liberians Must Pursue the Prosecution of Charles Taylor & Warlords By Isaac Vah Tukpah, Jr

"...We must set a precedent here and go after Charles Taylor and the warlords. There have to be legal remunerations for the sins and wounds these people have inflicted on Liberia. I understand that quite a few Liberians are devoid of patriotism but the detestable actions of these warlords and Charles Taylor against Liberia is similar to rape and assault and has had a crippling effect on at least two generations of Liberians, if not three...” more>>>

A Historical Phenomenon in Liberia: Fulfilling the Expectations of Liberians by Ben Browne

"...Mrs. Sirleaf must not only see her election as a challenge to our growth, security and respect; but also as a challenge to the value, meaning and purpose of our beloved country. Moreover, we the people of Liberia must accept nothing short of the fulfillment of these challenges....” more>>>


"...Even when the former warlord and president, Charles Taylor and his band of rebels seized the border town of Butuo and announced the dawn of a "new day" in Liberia, the question remained: ARE YOU THE ONE? Thousands rejoiced at claims by the self proclaimed liberators who said they had come to free their "people" from the hands of a tyrant....”



"...It is worrisome to note that these very actors, who in the past have pretended to champion the people’s rights to free assembly, political dissent, and free speech, would now be resistance to these very important elements of real democracy. What is wrong with Ambassador Weah and his supporters pursing DUE PROCESS in protesting the results of the just ended elections?..." more>>>

The Challenge of Corruption In Some African Democracies by E. Abalo

"...According to the Washington DC based institution, “…The harmful effects of corruption are especially severe on the poor, who are hardest hit by economic decline, are most reliant on the provision of public services, and are least capable of paying the extra costs associated with bribery, fraud, and the misappropriation of economic privileges.” …..” more>>>

Elections 2005: Implications for the 2nd Round Balloting by Dr Somah

"...The Liberian voters know soccer star George Weah and Harvard trained public administrator, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf enough to make a sound decision. Like Deborah and Josiah, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and George Weah both were not intimidated by the talents, age, nor experience of Liberian men and women during the October 11, 2005 election. ...” more>>>


"...How sincere are Varney Sherman, Winston Tubman and Alhaji G.V. Kromah as they all have become mere followers to the high school drop out Weah and his CDC? It's obvious that these all are self-seeking politicians who want to be where they will be assure of free chopping. These educated defeated candidates know George Weah's limitation and his inability to provide a deserving leadership for the country but they have allowed personal interests to supersede the national interests. How selfish can Varney Sherman, Winston Tubman, Alhaji G.V. Kromah and others of their kind be?...” more>>>

The Restoring of a Nation By Joe Woyee

"...let us liken the elections to the restoration of a historic building in complete disrepair. What is the first thing that anyone trying to restore a building to its past glory with all the pomp and regalia that it deserves will do? They will hire a competent, experienced building restoration company. Not a civil engineer or a mining engineer or even a “good businessman”. In other words, you hire the best person for the job based on work history, experience and reputation. ..” more>>>

Delaying Justice in the Name of Peace in Liberia? by Ben Browne

"...How prepared are we in Liberia to bring an elected senator like Prince Johnson or Aldophus Dolo to justice? How prepared and willing is the new president in bringing Alhaji Kromah, Domante Konneh and Thomas Nimely to justice when they become government officials? In Liberia (Africa), where Government officials are considered to be above the law, how sure are we that justice will prevail?...” more>>>

A Memo To Fellow Liberians -It’s About Our Country’s Future ~ By Joseph G. Bartuah

"... what Oppong is currently doing in Liberia is a reckless adventure intended to dump Liberia in the sea of oblivion. Just imagine a scenario where Liberia is qualified for the World Cup and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who has never played football before, insists that she wants to be the captain of the Lone Star football team! Will you agree to make her the captain?..” more>>>


"...It is a sad commentary that conflict ridden Africa has these insurgents to thank for unleashing untold catastrophic humanitarian toll and wanton violations of international laws in the name of revolution. The Libyan government, by extension continues, to support and train these insurgents at Mathaba.…..” more >>>

Suppose God wants it so ~ by Paul Yeenie Harry

"... In this article, I will present my points from the domain of theodicy. I believe that, in talking about the run-off election, God could, according to His divine providence and goodness, do for us what He knows is right, just and good for the Liberian people ....” more>>>

The biggest gamble with the future of Liberia By Taryonnoh Koffa.

"...I am supporting him because under his regime, I can easily practice corruption in government since he will not even understand what is going on, let alone take action against me and the battalion of corrupt colleagues. After all, as long as I grow my potbelly under his regime, I care less whether Liberia lives or dies.…..” more>>>


...What is more troubling from the both sides of the campaign is the level of fanaticism being demonstrated...more>>>


..Do Liberians sincerely think that Oppong will stand up and speak up against corruption and bad governance? Have we ever heard Oppong adding his voice to many who were advocating for good governance? How is he going to tackle corruption in his government? Look at the people surrounding themselves around him. ...” more>>>

Woewiyu's Open Letter to the Liberian People ~ By Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu

"...Another reason why Mrs. Sirleaf’s supporters want us to elect her is that she has international contacts. Who are these contacts? Certainly, not in the United States government ...more>>>

Political Jezebel By Chorphie Charlie

"... Our national social journey has shamed this crude view of miseducated Liberian managerial capability, which was confirmed recently by Dr. Amos Sawyer, the professor, that “We never use our education to benefit our people.” So then, why should our suffering people continue to reward the unbeneficial role this miseducated class has played in the destruction of our beloved country?..." more>>>

Peter Cole Keeping the Liberian Music Torch Burning by Aaron Weah

"...The contemporary Liberia musician is an artist on his own. He exists on the fringes of his society, marginalized and impoverished. Many see his art as a vocation for lazybones and misfits. He is perceived as a liability to society...." more>>>

Liberians must choose unity over division by Edith Gongloe-Weh

"...It is clear that the conglomeration of the country’s most notorious political pests in one camp is a cause to sober up. These individuals’ questionable public and private records have dearly cost the Liberian people a decent live and they must be isolated and shunned in their continual deadly struggle for political significance at the expense of the ordinary Liberian people...." more>>>>

Reponse to "We Decry Tribalism in Democracy" By Harold G. Tarr

"...What this unknown author of Forum has written has a smell of bias. A journalist should be neutral and objective. I am sure, that every tribe in Liberia participated in Samuel K. Doe’s Government one way or the other. ...."more>>>>>

The night of the longest flight By Jacob Gaye Marley

"...While the issue of experience was still being pushed down the aisle, someone shouted up front, the musician was neutral during the strike. At that moment, I started to think about the word neutral, what is the word neutral, and what is neutrality? Then I said to myself, neutrality is relative, why bother with that word? I don’t see who is neutral here, but between neutrality and experience I will choose experience....” more>>>>

To Say the God Fair Truth ByT. Nyan Bartuah

To say the God fair truth, I only stopped in the 12 th Grade.

But I must be the next Minister of Finance

because I too “have the country at heart.” more>>>>

Some Liberians are at it again! by Bai Gbala

"...Today, October 2005, that keyword, marginalization, is replaced by the following words and phrases: “sideline, restore lost opportunities, special preferences, wipe out the tears, birthplace of Samuel Doe, krahn ethnic group, semi-literacy and little education”. These words and phrases and the political conditions that they imply are cleverly crafted into newspaper articles, apparently designed to inflame ethnic/tribal passions and influence decisions in the selection of our next president during the forthcoming run-off. WHAT ARE THE FACTS?..." more>>>>>

My Trek to Freedom by R Sesay

"... we were taken into a makeshift jail awaiting execution. It was then that it dawned on me the risky venture that I had led the others into. For the first time, I understood why many of my friends refused to come along. To further compound my already precarious situation, my four companions turned on me in the cell. They blamed me for being weak and for not holding on to my manhood when I had pissed on myself....” more>>>>>

Open letter to Bishop Matthew Gueh by A Andrews

"...I find it quite disturbing to believe that you could advocate, as reported recently in the Liberian media, for a president who is as incompetent and unknowledgeable as Mr. Weah. One reason is what you all stand to gain personally from him as president. I know for a fact that Weah’s mother is a member of your church....” more>>>>>

Liberia sets the stage again: The rise of Women in Africa by Ima Myers

"...The dawn of the elections in Liberia, brought back hope, not only to Liberians, but also to the disempowered women in Africa. The pictures and video clips of pregnant women, mothers with children on their backs, and elderly women waking up at the crack of dawn to get on those long winding queues to vote, was a clarion call that these women held on to hope – hope that their journey to the ballot box could significantly improve their lives, and that of their children...” more>>>


"...Reconciliation is possible in Liberia in spite of deep tribal and sectional divisions caused by the war. Liberians generally are resilient, friendly, kindhearted and forgiving people. In fact, it is because of their kind and soft-heartedness that many like Taylor took great advantage of and indulged into wild abuses of human rights.....” more>>>


"... In my view, Lebanese feel, think and believe that they are superior over the black Africans. If they become citizens, they will exercise their beliefs over us, the Liberians, by buying all of our land. Lebanese, in the name of religion, believed that we, the black Africans are inferior and should not marry their daughters but they should marry to our daughters. Are you mindful of what is happening in Sudan today between the white Arabs and the Christians black Sudanese in the South? I hope this should be a first lesson for you. ....” more>>>


"...Unconfirmed reports from local poll analysts indicate that what was seen in the large turn out by supporters of individual candidates at political rallies during the campaign season may not necessarily transcend into votes because many of supporters did not register to vote. If this phenomenon is true then this may spell a big disappointment for some candidates since turning out the vote is key to winning....” more>>>

Misrule in Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe Presiding By Emmanuel Abalo

"...are Liberians such a backward and naïve people that they lack the intelligence, political maturity, and insight to choose one candidate from a list of 22 presidential candidates, or two candidates each from a list of about 600 legislative candidates? I doubt so seriously!..." more>>>

Why Liberia Should not blindly emulate U.S Democracy. By K. Koiquoe Wilson

"...The reality is that when the U.S. fails so miserably as described, it has the wherewithal to recuperate in due course in view of its mundane omnipotence. By contrast, Liberia exists constantly under “the sword of Damocles.” Failures of even minuscule magnitude result in war, anarchy, inhumane abuse of human rights, heinous killings, debilitating poverty, etc, etc. ...." more>>>

Your Vote, Your Right; and Your Future By Musa V. Sheriff

"...we, Liberians have been accorded this golden opportunity, another chance to carefully think about what values and heritages we take along with us to the future, and to think of what future we need. We have been challenged to carefully ponder or think, as true citizens of this land, about what we can do for our nation towards national development, what we can contribute in promoting peace and unity; I think our vote is one of the precious and valuable contributions now and forever...." more>>>

Elections 2005: A journey marred in confusion or bigotry? By Nat Galarea Gbessagee

"...are Liberians such a backward and naïve people that they lack the intelligence, political maturity, and insight to choose one candidate from a list of 22 presidential candidates, or two candidates each from a list of about 600 legislative candidates? I doubt so seriously!..." more>>>

An Interview with Mama Liberia - Part 3 by Paul Harry

"...The whole thing is stupid, you know. My children who speak the Krahn language started killing their brothers and sisters who speak the Gio and Mano languages. It was horrible! But then, guess what happened! The children who speak the Gio and Mano languages came together and began to kill their brothers and sisters who speak the Krahn and Mandingo languages. Then the killing spread between the children who speak Mandingo and those who speak Lorma. It further spread between the children who speak Krahn and those who speak Mandingo. It became a killing game in which they became happy to participate, killing indiscriminately....” more>>>

SOS to Liberians by Movement for the Restoration of the Dignity of Liberia (MRDL)

"...Fellow citizens, educated and financially strong Liberians and friends of Liberia are on the standby to go into Liberia to carry out massive investments. We have to contribute our quota. The ball is in our court: if we make wise decision, Liberia will boom within a short time and surpass the economy of most country in the sub-region....” more>>>

What Authority has the Bryant Government To Commit the Republic of Liberia ? by Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

"...Since taking power in Liberia , this transitional government has always been known and considered by the people of Liberia and more so by international community as been legally limited in content and scope. This means then that the Bryant led government, under the Constitution and laws of laws of Liberia , could do certain things, and could not do certain things. ...." more>>>

Rebuilding Liberia after Election 2005 by Dr. Somah

"...On this visit to Liberia, I will, on behalf of LIHEDE, be signing a memorandum of understanding with two Liberian universities to begin offering a Bachelor's degree in Liberian Studies. We in Liberia don't know our history and this is why some people are claiming that the Mandingo are not citizens of Liberia. We need to teach our children their true"...Fellow citizens, educated and financially strong Liberians and friends of Liberia are on the standby to go into Liberia to carry out massive investments. We have to contribute our quota. The ball is in our court: if we make wise decision, Liberia will boom within a short time and surpass the economy of most country in the sub-region....” more>>>

The Undelivered message from Freetown by James Kokulo Fasuekoi

"... Like the former People's Redemption Council (PRC), it remains a wonder how Taylor succeeded in killing most of those who propelled him to power including former Vice President Enoch Dogolea and former Chief of Staff, Gen. Prince Johnson before being forced out of Liberia in 2003....” more>>>>

For the Sake of Our Country - Rejoinder to Dolo & Tamba by Theophilus K. Stephens

"... Liberia deserves better and for once our people need a leader that will be accountable to them and not someone who will callously, arrogantly and contemptuously relate to our people as if they were all morons. If we were critical of people vying for leadership of our country over the past 158 years of our independence, perhaps we would not be where we are today...” more>>>

Omissions to Elections: Dangerous and unjust by Emmanuel Abalo

"... The intent of security reform in the Accra Peace Agreement is to discourage non-state armed groups from engaging in violent attempts to challenge or reform the balance and political and economic structures of power, to avenge perceived past injustices and or to defend and control resources, territory and institutions for the benefit of a particular ethnic or social group.…..” more>>>

Comments on K. Wilson's Rebuttal of B. Gbala's "rejoinder" by Bai Gbala

"...Wisdom (the reservoir of all knowledge) = Training + Experience + Age

Wisdom is taught at NO college or university; it is acquired over time on a foundation of sound Training and applied Experience...." more>>>

An interview with Mama Liberia - Part 2 by Paul Harry

" daughters, both young and old, are practicing prostitution for survival. Furthermore, thousands of my children have never watched TV in their lives. While other four-year-old children, especially those of my aunts – like the children of Europe and America – are playing with computers on an hourly basis, thousands of my children do not even know that there is something called a computer or the Internet. ...” more>>>

Thomas Woewiyu's Confessions... by Bai Gbala

"...Tears came to my eyes. There was nothing that ANYBODY could do to save our country from destruction. On that day, BBC reported that there was no water, electricity and dead bodies were all over the city of Monrovia!!!...." more>>>

An Interview With Mama Liberia by Paul Harry

"...think about the fourteen-year war, when those whom you call statisticians were either running for their lives, or begging charity organizations for bulgur wheat, or eating “rock-your-jaw,” or digging “patanko.” When last did they conduct any accurate census, if it is ever possible?...” more>>>

A New Liberia by Charles L. Massaquoi

We need a new Liberia,
A place where politicians
can be trusted for their words.... more>>>>

A Rebuttal of Mr. Bai Gbala’s Article - “Lebanese Demand Liberia Poll Rights: A Rejoinder” By K. Koiquoe Wilson

"... There is a fundamental precept of humanity that asserts “To whom much has been given, much should be expected.” By every possible barometer, the Lebanese in Liberia have failed to fulfill this rudimentary human principle.... One cannot begin to imagine the astronomical profits that went into the coffers of these avaricious Lebanese businessmen, so-called, while gullible Liberians mired in poverty in their attempts to hit the elusive JOKER - JOKER - JOKER for the big bucks on the slot machines. Now we know who the joke was on....." more>>

Why the Military Failed in Liberia by Charles L. Massaquoi

"... Politically Doe represented a leader hungry for power. As the Nigerian journalist Ray Ekpu put it, “power like liquor, has a strong aroma and like liquor when taken in large quantities, it is capable of intoxicating the consumer”. Doe was power intoxicated and saw enemies where there were none and saw no friends where there were many. It was as if the gods were angry and intended to destroy him. He was power intoxicated, mad with the power that he had ruthlessly acquired and ruthlessly maintained, until
the very intoxication led to his fall....." more>>>

Too Many Candidates III - Seeking the “Iron Lady’s” Clarification by Bruce James

"... Mr. Woewiyu’s letter to Mrs. Sirleaf really brought out things that many of us Liberians have been left wondering about for many years. What really went wrong? Why was the war executed in the manner in which it was? Why was war, as opposed to a popular people’s upraising preferred? Why was a known conman in the person of Charles Taylor, as opposed to someone of proven integrity chosen to lead that enterprise? ...." more>>>

Protecting the Defenseless Ellen: How Much Can You Do Bartuah? By: Jeremy J. Jallabah

"... Without our history, we run the risk of sprawling into the dark past of coup plots, wars and rumors of war. Our history is cherished because we see it as a reservoir from which we can draw the strength needed to move into the future without charade ...." more>>>

Do Not Vote for Such People – Part Four by Paul Harry

"...We are in another bell ringing period again. One of the pathetic situations about Liberia is that most of our people do not have the opportunity to get the necessary information that will enable them to make sound decisions. Not many people can read and write. Besides, not all those who can read and write can afford to buy newspapers. Furthermore, not all those who can read and write are interested in the facts and the truth...” more>>>


"...The current challenges of the local disregard for rule of law, graft and corruption, coupled with international terrorism loom threateningly before the struggling nation and must be tackled head-on. This will presuppose that the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government undergo a true “catharsis and sanitization“ and empowerment for purposes relevance and functionality.…..” more>>>


"...No family or nation can go through fourteen years of fratricidal warfare and expect to come out of it unscathed. We accused and abused each other; we maimed and killed each other; and we did other terrible things to each other. Now, the question is: how do we resolve all these issues and move on as a nation? Some are calling for war crime trials and others are calling for reconciliation. The best approach from my vantage point is reconciliation. We all have done wrong to each other. We are all hurt and bitter..." more>>>

A rejoinder to Mr. Woeweiyu's letter to Ellen by Sayku Kromah

... Every Liberian lost a loved one in this struggle. But we will not let these brave men and women die in vain. We will attempt to build a new Liberia that will surely make them proud.... more >>>


"...It is said that perception is stronger and more pervasive than reality in shaping opinion, attitude and behavior. These gruesome acts are the results of the power of perception widely held, based on vicious falsehoods...." more>>>


"...To get an idea or the whole picture of Lebanese tight grip on and contribution to the Liberian economy, one needs a comprehensive study of the Liberian trade and commerce market....." more>>>


"... In my view, these elections are flawed from the very beginning, in terms of the time-line requirement for planning and operations: the absence of a census required for constituency demarcations and reasonably objective, realistic apportionment of county representations; the hurriedly and illegal suspension of relevant provisions of the nation’s Constitution by an apparent illegal National Transitional Legislative Assembly (the NTLA), and the painful absence of a planned program for political education....." more>>>

Liberia Elections Violence: Is It New? By James K. Fasuekoi

"... During my tours with several political parties in the 1997 elections, I later gathered especially in former Taylor’s territories that, majority of the people there rarely had an idea as to what Democracy and Elections were about. In central Liberia, many were ready to enter into fistfight with opponents whom they viewed as intruders or encroaching on their soil. These Liberians had never known freedom for nearly eight years under Taylor. The few educated who exploited them including Taylor, deliberately played the game of silence during the campaign period...." more>>>

Lets Elevate the Political Dialogue: A Rebuttal of Chorpie Charlie’s Criticism of Bettie and Nagbe By K. Koiquoe Wilson

"...The sum and substance of this discourse is that we are asking the world to go to bat for us, to allocate their resources and treasures to enable us to raise our country from its current abyss. Do we not therefore have the onus of assuring the world that our stewardship of their treasures will not be cavalierly placed in the hands of megalomaniacs as was done in the past but instead will be trusted to the most scrutinized, qualified and scrupulous individuals?..” more>>

Do Not Vote for Such People – Part Three by Paul Yeenie Harry

"...We are in another bell ringing period again. One of the pathetic situations about Liberia is that most of our people do not have the opportunity to get the necessary information that will enable them to make sound decisions. Not many people can read and write. Besides, not all those who can read and write can afford to buy newspapers. Furthermore, not all those who can read and write are interested in the facts and the truth...” more>>>>

The Bulk Challenge for Cllr. Sherman’s Presidency by James S. Dahn

"...Cllr. Sherman’s ambition cannot and should not be linked to our period of pains and suffering. Is there any record to show that Cllr. Sherman made any contribution towards the repatriation of thousands of Liberians that came from Ghana or even Guinea? Certainly not!..." more>>>

Do Not Vote for Such People – Part Two by Paul Yeenie Harry

" for a complete novice with the hope that he will find competent people to help him run Liberia will not only mean that we are unserious, but also that we don’t value the presidency. If we know that the person is a mediocrity or an incompetent, why think about electing him, in the first place?....”more>>

Stop the Ambiguity By Emmanuel Abalo

"... It is quite understandable that some politicians and lay people are terrified of the possibility that Taylor’s return to Liberia may regenerate another murderous chapter. Remember his parting words just before Mr. Taylor flew into exile, ‘God’s willing, I shall return…..”..." more>>

Do Not Vote for Such People – Part One by Paul Yeenie Harry

"...if you choose to ignore the reality, if you make the wrong decision, if you knowingly choose the wrong person for president, I will not hate you, but for sure, I will blame you for the consequences that our country will have to face, as a result of your wrong decision. I will blame you the same way I blame those who voted for Charles Taylor in the 1997 elections...." more>>

Who will become president of Liberia, George Oppong Weah or Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf? by Ben Browne

"...One of Oppong’s close associates recently said to me, “I am one of the few in the semi-inner circle who do not think he (Oppong) should win; he thinks of himself as a savior sent by God to Liberia. Therefore, Liberians are suppose to be grateful to him; it would be a brutal, bruising fight and Oppong is not ready for such fight.” ....more>>>

Dual Citizenship and its Importance to Liberia ’s Economic Development by Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor

The question that needs to be answered by detractors of dual citizenship: will it be fair to deny any of the children born outside of Liberia of Liberian parentage from contesting the Liberian Presidency in the future because, they have dual citizenship? ... more>>>

Book Review: My Dear Liberia - by N. Konneh

Just think of the days or years before the wars. The days when none of us could ever think that war would come, making brothers and sisters to kill each others, even going to the extent of savagely killing their president and video taping the gruesome event for the whole world to see such a naked savagery. So, long before all this, it’s a good and healthy exercise to go back to those days when everything was beautiful in Liberia. more>>>

Feigning Romance for a Visa by Robert Sesay

"...Stories of both men and women, who feign romance to travel to the United States at the expense of those in search of a spouse, are prevalent. In fact, such stories are widespread among European immigrants. Immediately after World War II, Irish and Italian immigrants led the way, since the largest influx of European immigrants were from these two countries. ..." more>>>

Liberians are not Stupid by E. Abalo

"... I can only hope that some of these “warlords, their functionaries and old guard politicians, tainted by blood, do us all a big favor and demonstrate true apology by renouncing and not pursuing any claim now or in the future to political power. I believe that this challenge would signal their true penance for the wrongs, by association and collaboration, they have visited upon their nation and people. I am not optimistic nor will I hold my breath for such to happen. The wicked people are still all over the place!...." more>>>

The Danger of Bias and Double Standards in our National Debates by Zack Garway Whebeor Sharpe, III

"...Gongloe has suggested that when an individual occupies a high position in government, he or she should be held responsible for crimes committed by that government, even if there is no evidence to link the individual to that crime. Gongloe did not point to one act of abuse by Cllr. Brumskine while in government. I believe holding Cllr. Brumskine for anything close to aiding and abetting because he occupied a high position in government is tantamount to guilt by association, an unfortunate line of thinking by a human rights lawyer. Such line of thought has caused the death of thousands of innocent Liberians....."


Liberians Associated for Public Accountability and Democracy has been following the various opinions, positions and public reactions relating to the present Liberia Economic Governance Action Plan (LEGAP) proposed by the international community vis-à-vis diplomatic relations, legal conventions, international law and sovereignty of nation-states..more>>> .

National Sovereignty V. National Suffering ~ by Counselor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

"...why aren’t these constitutional scholars packing their bags and flying from their foreign hiding places and back to River Gee, Gbarkpolu, grand Krue, and/or any of these under developed counties of Liberia ? Why aren’t ordinary Liberians flying from Monrovia and back to any of these named and purely under developed rural counties in Liberia ? And why is everyone flying back to Liberia , only by and through the Roberts International Air Port and not into the national air ports of Gbarkpolu, River Gee and/or grand krue counties? ...." more>>>

Liberia, My Mother's Land ~ Ernest G.Smith, Jr.

To you my beloveth Mother's Land do I pledge my
Full allegiance.

Hundreds are the nations of
Planet earth, but you are the only land of
My birth and pride. more>>>

The love of liberty brought us together ~ By Nvasekie N. Konneh

We are a nation

Of many cultures and traditions

That make us who we are,

A proud nation and people

For the love of liberty brought us together. more>>>

The dangers of Trusteeship in the Republic of Liberia ~ Dr. Somah

I want to thank the God of our forefathers for blessing our forefathers and mothers in erecting kingdoms with no standing army, no police force, and no prisons but rather learning institutions (Poro and Sande Universities ) which chronically tilted them toward the highest spirituality, kindness, peace, self-esteem and actualization. These relics of generations past are unfolding within these walls of AMEU University today. more>>>


"...In one voice, Cllr. Gongloe acknowledges Cllr. Brumskine’s opposition to the conduct of the nation’s affairs by President Taylor resulting in his departure from the government but yet in another voice accuses Cllr. Brumskine of condoning or aiding and abetting by silence. Here Cllr. Gongloe recklessly accuses not only Cllr. Brumskine, but all Liberians who served in government. His argument for their guilt – “by being a part of government”....more>>>

Liberian Observer Website Is Wrong On Cash Flow to Candidates ~ By Patrick Nimely-Sie Tuon

"... it was rumored that Gyude Bryant was using government money to fund the Sherman campaign until the Liberian Action Party Chairperson, Mrs. Sheba Brown, sent out a challenge to anyone who could prove or reveal any evidence to substantiate this ugly rumor. Since that challenge went out, the gossip has ceased and no evidence has been presented. Now the Liberian Observer website is re-hatching an old perception hoping that the people of Liberia will believe it..." more >>


What is meant by “Charles Taylor’s influence?” ~ By Chorphie Charlie

"... if Liberia is to duplicate America’s democratic practices then, why is it offensive and considered a national security threat by anti-Taylor’s proponents for our former president [Taylor] to influence his nation’s political direction and ensure that his people are not immerse in a plantation style democracy...." more >>>

Terrorism V. The Free World ~by Counselor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

"...Terrorism - is a neo-cultural and neo-traditional way of life of a morally bankrupt and depraved world that consists of morally bankrupt and depraved people. Thus, terrorists are subjects and agents of a morally corrupt and virtually freedom-illiterate world. This is a barbaric world of enslavement and highly enslaved thinkers...." more>>>>

What is the Liberian National Commission Up To? ~ by Henry A. Clements, III

"... If the NEC is unwilling or unable to handle straightforward issues on which it has already ruled, what does this tell Liberians and the world about how it will handle the more complex and complicated issues that will certainly arise related to the election process? The Commission must demonstrate its integrity and impartiality (it must show its juice!) by acting on LAP’s complaint......" more>>>>

The Need to Be Truthful- An examination of Tiawan Gongloe’s criticism of candidate Brumskine ~ By: Theophilus Totee Bettie

"...Whatever happened to the Tiawan Saye Gongloe who is also a student of the law? Does he not recall that there are consequences to maligning people’s reputation? ...." more >>>

A Letter to Charles Gyude Bryant

We are disappointed that at a time in our history when the future of our country depends on the forthrightness of our government, the government would undertake or omit to undertake activities that have plunged our country into even deeper uncertainties. We are particularly disturbed and saddened that the current government under your leadership finds itself engulfed in a web of allegations of corruption and mismanagement, and that the government seems to show a deliberate disregard for accountability and transparency in its deeds and activities. more >>>

EGAP & Liberia: Which Part Is Not Trusteeship? ~ By Nat Galarea Gbessagee

"...Of course, ULAA’s use of “paranoid nationalism“ to describe opponents of EGAP only shows the level of contempt or disdain with which MOP, ULAA, Redd, Sheriff, and other supporters of EGAP regard persons opposed to EGAP. The general argument of the proponents of EGAP seems to be that those Liberians who opposed EGAP either stand to gain politically or economically should the Plan not be implemented, or that they are just a bunch of “disingenuous” people who don’t care for the plight of the Liberian people..." more>>>

Just Make me your president by Counselor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

"...EVEN-THOUGH, I’ve spent my entire professional life chasing after money and the cause of converting the Republic of Liberia to become the Republic of Lebanon in Africa, primarily in the cause of my personal and selfish interest by doing more for the Lebanese community and the corporate world, and little for Liberia, worry less about my character and business dealings; Just Make Me your President.
..." more>>>

Book Review: Sundown At Dawn Robert H. Brown Sr., Ph.D.

....Sankawulo’s depiction of man’s inhumanity to man and the miscarriage of justice that lie outside the knowledge of this fictional society and the law is commendable, and commendable too is his portrait of the total absence of any redeeming value in the lives of criminals ... more>>>

An Open Letter to Gyude Bryant ~ James Weah

"...I must warn very seriously that should you choose to ignore our request, you would not only send the message that the government of Liberia is out for business as usual, but you would be obstructing justice and aiding career criminals to impose their will on the innocent people of Liberia..." more>>>>>

The Transitional Government should be audited before the inauguration of the next administration. ~ Amin Modad

"... every branch of his [Mr Gyude Bryant's] government, including the heads, have been implicated in uncontrolled corruption, fiscal unaccountability, and plain insensitivity to the plight of the people. His administration is comprised mainly of dysfunctional occupation misfits who are in positions that they are not qualified to manage..." more>>>

Let Bryant And Others Resign And Go , And So What ? by Counselor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

"...If Bryant and others were to resign and go, will this change the fact that he has used public money to transform himself from being a small used parts seller to being one of the richest men in Liberia while the ordinary people of Liberia continue to live in displaced centers in Liberia? Let Bryant And Others Resign And Go, And So What? ..." more>>>


"... The political fragrance eminating from Liberia is intuitive of the fact that Liberian politics is reduced to a bestial struggle by competing factions of affluence elites and power husslers..." more>>>

Political Nation ~ Nvasekie N. Konneh

"...As a people, our lives have been seized by the cutthroat politic of our time. This has miserably stifled creativity in our nation. There is no way we can move beyond this current predicament without being creative about finding creative solutions to our many problems. There is something we all can do and we don't have to be politicians to make our contributions to the development of our country..." more>>>

Rebuilding Liberia’s Tourism Industry for Economic Growth ~ Dr Somah

...I would be glad if many Liberians devoted time and brainpower to rebuilding Liberia than to sit back as the UN, EU, ECOWAS and our “mother country”, the United States, endeavor to place Africa’s oldest independent republic under trusteeship. I think if Liberia were placed under trusteeship of any kind, it would not only be a great insult to the intelligence of all Liberians, but also a clear test of the lack patriotism and nationalism in Liberia. ...more>>>


"...Debt Forgiveness for Sub- Saharan Africa is just another program to award the same incompetent Leaders and their Cronies who they put into various positions in their Governments just to engage in massive corruption and abuse of power....." more>>>

Are George Oppong Weah’s Hands Bloody? Did he Sponsor MODEL? ~ James J. Jackson

"...Who was MODEL’s Sponsor? From where did MODEL get its finances to sustain a formidable front? Unlike LURD that was allegedly sponsored by Guinea, there was never a mention of any governmental or foreign support for MODEL. So from where did MODEL get its money? more>>>


"...People have always believed that the Liberian people are so gullible that anything will pass. These people will need to rethink their ideas and perception of the Liberian people. For too long, people have used their education, power, wealth and influence to deceive and suppress the people of Liberian but, like we continue to say, more and more Liberians are beginning to read between the lines and are now sensing the true intent of these people and we will do everything to expose them and bring them to books ..." more>>>

JAMES (diehard battery) YARCLAY IS BAAAAACK! ~ Socrates Kamara

"...The only question that I have for Chairman Bryant and the NTGL, is that why is James Yarclay not in jail for making false claims to the Liberian Government, and insulting Government officials. At this stage, we the Liberian people are demanding, and strongly recommending to the Contract and Monopoly Commission that such a person and the company that he represents be immediately excluded from the bidding process, and turned over to the Justice Ministry for prosecution. ...." more>>>

Ducking Karl Rove at the DNC ~ By Robert V. Sesay

"...In the end, Al Gore graciously accepted defeat as dictators around the globe chuckle gleefully to a political system that has stood a test of time through most of its checkered history...."more>>>

Liberia Needs It Now! Reformation for all Liberians ~ By Sekou B. Korleh

"...As we approach the most important elections in our history, we have again begun to see candidates upon candidates. We have begun to hear promises shrouded in promises. But this time around we, the VOTERS, are smarter than the candidates really think we are. ....">>>more

The Transitional Rush Hour: NTGL - A Democracy or Kleptocracy ~ By Groba Leo Williams

"...The price of rice, our staple, is out of the reach of most Liberians.  Yet paradoxically, government officials continue to receive huge allowances, which they lavish on fabulous homes and unnecessary foreign travels. An example of this extravagance is seen in the actions of a certain Deputy Managing Director of a public corporation who is on record for throwing cash at individuals who sing his praises....">>>more

The Charles Taylor Situation - Where I stand ~ By Siakon Nagbe

"... President Taylor took a deal crafted by ECOWAS and endorsed by the international community including the United States. If the exiled president has violated the terms and conditions of the deal including continued meddling into the political affairs of Liberia – which by all indication he has - it raises a different issue and the case needs to be made for that instead of subjecting the Government of Nigeria to unnecessary pressures.  .....">>>more

Education & the Liberian Power Dynamics: Part II ~ by Nat Galarea Gbessagee

"... Liberia is in total shambles—social, economic, and political—today due to poor leadership, false standards, and the recent 14-year civil war. Darkness harbors over Liberia due to a lack of reliable sources of electricity supply, amid acute shortages of housing and employment opportunities. Health and sanitation services have become luxury items in Liberia, while educational institutions are barely functioning without adequate instructors, textbooks, and conducive learning environments.....">>>more


A young Liberian poet translates the social and political sclerosis that had befallen Liberia in
heroic couplets and historical stanzas.Viewing the sickness from the class angle firstly on one hand and the lack of political will ,agenda coupled with economic vampirism on the other,he not only communicate the general griefs and sorrows that characterized the fourteen -years fatricidal civil crisis, but also expose the agencies and their oppressive systems that work pari passu to keep Liberians under the jackboat of bare-faced oppression and subjugation.>>>more



Listen comrades of the crying country
to the keen clamour of the masses from Buchanan to
they have killed Tarpiah
as they killed Tweh,Coleman and others.
Or the peasant down there in the thick woods of the
Puta Range
he held in his look comrades
the warm faith of a heart without anguish
and his smile despise agony.
Despite the wounds of his broken body
kept the colours of a bouquet of hope.>>>more


 I met a brother recently who told me how he was inspired by some of my articles that were published in local newspapers in Liberia. He asked whether those articles are still available. I told him that I still have old newspaper copies of most of my published articles. Among those articles, he asked me about is “Their Liberia, My Liberia.” This article was first published in the Monrovia Daily News newspaper on November 7, 1994. That was more than ten years ago. The same issue of intolerable tribal prejudice that existed back then is still around. It’s like a concrete barrier that will take a lot of effort to break down. However, little by little we shall continue our efforts until we see a Liberia that will accept all Liberians, irrespective of tribe or religion >>>more

How many Presidential Candidates does Liberia need?~ by Ben Browne

"... It is often said that experience is the best teacher. Our multitude of presidential candidates must be able to learn from the not too distance experiences of the 1997 election that brought west African nightmare, Charles Taylor to power. When the presidential candidates couldn’t find common grounds to hold together, the worst happened to Liberia. How long will greed and self interest blind the vision of Liberians? Let us note that when there is no vision, the people perish....">>>more

Rev. Divine's letter to Senator Lugar (US) - Re: Out of Country Voting for all Liberians

....the prospects for peace in Liberia will be enhanced greatly if Liberians living abroad are given an equal opportunity to vote for their future leaders as their fellow citizens living in country. Many of these Liberians, forced to flee their nation because of corrupt and inept leadership, have longed for the opportunity to contribute their quota for a better future. They have sacrificed their own financial well being to provide for family members in harms-way and thus contributed in sustaining their country’s economy during the fateful years of violent conflict...>>>more

Dear Daughters of Liberia ~ by Dr Somah

....Today in Liberia our children know little peace, as malaria continues to be a principal killer of our people: 4,500 Liberian children die each year from the disease. Across the African Continent, an estimated 500 million people contract malaria every year, up to 2 million die (half of them children), and tens of thousands are left with irreversible brain damage. This frightful death toll is equivalent to sending 27 fully loaded Boeing 757 jetliners crashing into a mountain every single day, year after year. ...>>>more

An Open Appeal to New Deal and George Weah’s Supporters. ~ By Morris Luogon Karyon

"... The present practice of journalism is a disgrace to our country. Some of our journalists will publish any trash as headlines as long it is paid for. We depend on people in this profession to play a virtual role in the coming elections by exposing the past of our aspirants in other to help our people make the right choices. If some of you guys do not take your profession serious and continue to promote people who are not presidential materials because of money, the next blood of our people will be on your hands..." >>>more


"...This system of ‘weeding-out-the-internal-opposition’ sets a bad precedent for the kind of leaders such parties hope to bestow upon the nation. 
It would seem a reasonable expectation that anyone who thinks he or she is popular enough to win the confidence of the Liberian populace in general elections against fifty other presidential aspirants should at least be able to win a primary within his/her own political party
..." >>>more


"... With all of your big book, where were you when Charles Taylor was killing our people? Why didn’t you go to the U.N. or the United States Congress to use some of these grammars in order to free our people from the bondage of poverty? Where were you when the Lone Star of Liberia needed logistical support in order to play and bring glory to Liberia? Where were you when the Late Samuel Doe turned to you for help and made you Minister of Education, and Foreign Affairs? ...." >>>more

Relection...~ By Socrates Kamara

"...To the Families of the Ministers and other Government Officials executed in the aftermath of the April 12 coup twenty five years ago, we cannot find any one group of Liberians that will offer an apology. We are all guilty of every thing that went wrong before that faithful day. We are still guilty of every thing that is wrong right now especially those of us who are educated and live outside of Liberia . I will simply recommend that to you that only the current very corrupt NTGL Officials who have not learned anything from the1980 coup, and the just ended civil war, apologize to you all. ....">>>more


"...Today, Varney Sherman mounts the political pulpit in West Point , of all places, to give his corporate self image a populist makeover. That Sherman would today visit West Point to give credibility to his political bid is almost laughable. One is curious to ask when, in Sherman's last 20 years did he use the condition of the people of West Point as a platform to raise the larger debate about the failure of leadership in Liberia . ...">>>more


"...Even if we elect a president with “twenty ten PhDs” in Political Science, if those of us around the leader are just the same old same old, then that leader will fall face flat, and will fail miserably....">>>more

…A Dwindling Monogamy? ~ By Robert V. Sesay

"... It is a proven statistic that only five percent of all animals in the universe practice monogamy. The remaining ninety five percent are either polygamist or live as a philandering monogamist..." >>>more


"...This is exactly what we get for destroying our country. The Lesson is that no individual, groups, or institutions out there will do more than what we can do for ourselves. Do you know that majority of the money pledged for Liberia’s reconstruction actually went to the same American and European Companies that are yet to show up in Liberia and even scratch the ground?...">>>more

An Appeal to the Sons & Daughters of Liberia ~by Dr Somah

"...Since Liberia was founded 158 years ago, malaria has been one of the principal killers of its people: 4,500 Liberian children die each year from the disease. Across the African Continent, an estimated 500 million people contract malaria every year, up to 2 million die (half of them children), and tens of thousands are left with irreversible brain damage. This terrible death toll is equivalent to sending 27 fully loaded Boeing 757 jetliners crashing into a mountain every single day, year after year..." >>>more


Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: Presidential aspirant or war criminal? ~ by Bendu Koryon

"...As a Liberian, I cannot close my eyes, cover my ears or remain silent. I must speak for the tens of thousands of Liberians who lost their lives in our civil conflict,..." >>>more


"...My elementary study of finance or advance accounting taught me that in times of very stiff competition, businesses would merge either vertical or horizontal in an attempt to remain competitive or to improve their business model and strengthen the bottom line. But I also know that when they merge, they do so because the benefit of being one is more than being separate ..." >>>more

Jackson F. Doe’s Rooster May Be Out for The Biggest Mistake Ever ~ By Alexander P. Gongloe

"... Cllr. Sherman, in the interest of the original idea of the formation of the Party and knowing that you cannot in way win elections in our dear country, could you please relinquish your ambition to the standard-bearership and let a real party faithful claim it...." >>>more

Mental Poverty Alleviation: A Pre-requisite To Post-war Development in Liberia ~ By Wellington Jah

"...Mental enrichment encompasses increasing the value of services or income levels of the citizenry. It involves political,cultural,spiritual and educational transformation of the human mind to inaugurate economic developments. It enhances freedom from servitude and social backwardness....." >>>more


"...whether the mandate of the Liberian people is pointing this time to an out right good bye to social evils and its economic counterparts and a rousing welcome to a society foundation on the rule of laws,sustainable development,economic vibrancy ,political stability and technological rebirth - all remain locked in the decision of the people....." >>>more

In Defense of “Illiterate” Liberians (part III) ~ By Chorphie Charlie

"... the deliberate misrepresentation and subsequent condemnation of illiterate Liberians’ paradoxical outbursts demonstrates our miseducated Liberians’ cognitive structure to be self-seeking and presumptive of being socially messianic. ...." >>>more

Raising a Family on the Phone By Robert V. Sesay

"...Most immigrant parents are also eager to do for their impoverished family, especially children left back home. It is that urge that mustered them to take on two or three jobs so that family/children left behind would have a better life denied them either by economic or political reasons...." >>>more


"...perhaps a fuller and truer apology is warranted from Mrs. Sirleaf, less we believe that this one is only for political expediency......" >>>more

Liberians Deserve Better II ~ By Solomon Myers

"... the power of the average voter to influence the systems that govern their lives lies in the voting process. A voter entrusts the election commission with the duty of protecting their rights and ensuring a transparent, accountable and fair electoral system. The failure of the election commission to fulfill its role, leads to the voter being short changed and alienated....." >>>more

The Next Liberian President: Will Jonathan Salzinger be the Next Frontrunner? ~ By Sekou Abdoulie

"... Mr. Salzinger has not yet announced his candidacy,...I hope that he will; to give us an option from Ellen’s political opportunism, and Weah’s lying about his education....." >>>more

Where Are The International Partners? ~ by T.Q. Harris

....After more than 21 months of direct supervision and broad oversight by the international community, Liberia’s transition to date is in disarray.  Those charged with transforming the tiny West African nation cannot identify a single meaningful task they have completed in its entirety.  What’s more disturbing is how they have begun shifting responsibility for the mission’s success onto to the beleaguered citizens of Liberia...>>>more


Liberians residing in the United States are intensifying their efforts to ensure their participation in the October general elections in Liberia by casting their votes in America through the Out-of-Country Voting (OCV) process. >>>more

Theories of Liberia's voters ~ By Chorphie Charlie

"... my fellow country-people, decide which voter you are going to be and let’s make Liberia a great nation. As for me, I chose to be a rational voter. On the altar of God I pledge undying resistance to fraudulent votes. ...." >>>more

The All-Ellen National Conference ~ By Jonathan Salzinger

"...I, like many Liberians, disagree with many of Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf’s political policies, it is not for this reason that I dispute her leadership; it is rather the undemocratic principal of one party control that I disagree with (although from looking back at Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf’s past support of brutal dictator Charles Taylor, she is no stranger to one party control)....." >>>more


The name Wilton Sankawulo, along with that of Bai T. Moore, is a well-known name in Liberia . Most of us growing up and going to school in Liberia got our introduction to African literature reading Sankawulo’s “Why Nobody Knows When He Will Die” and Bai T. Moore’s “Murdered In the Cassava Patch.” Between 7 th and 9 th grades, both books were required reading for me. ...>>>more

In Defense of “Illiterate” Liberians (part II) ~ By Chorphie Charlie

..the people have spoken in rejection to these so called educated Liberians. Yet, they continue to hold a mortified view of themselves as great leaders instead of assuming guardianship of the people’s passions. I think the condemnation of the people is symphonic of psychological withdrawal, in shame that the wisdom of the Liberian people’s choice for president is excited by a common footballer...>>>more

Why are we Liberians determined not to learn from our mistakes? ~ By Socarates Kamara

".... My people just why? Why are we so wicked to this once Glorious Land of Liberty? What has Liberia done to us? I sometimes wonder what we plan to tell our children and our children’s children about what we have done to hurt Liberia..." >>>more

The Hypocrisy of African Governments and Non Accountability: A Need To Go Further..~ By Emmanuel Abalo

"... My own experience with the media in Liberia in the 80‘s and 90‘s was such that it was the local church, international media organizations, Amnesty International and other human rights group that brought focus and elevated the plight of media, abuses and excesses of government. These organizations continue to be a voice for the voiceless...." >>>more

Liberia at the Cross Road: Which way to Go? ~ By Kpangbala W. Sengbe, MSW

"... On the other hand, opponents of the comprehensive approach to national rehabilitation feel that these child soldiers caused enough havoc on the nation and do not deserve any therapeutic help. This group believes that these “criminals” are not worth living because they were the killing machines that helped the “criminal empires of their masters”. For this group, the “only good rebel is the dead and buried one”. They furthered their arguments that like their “masters-in-crime”, these child soldiers are equally liable for their participation in the criminality of Liberia. ....." >>>more

No trivial matter ~ By William G. Nyanue

"...Implied in the decision of any minority to disregard the wishes of the majority is the belief that they, the minority, know what’s best. They say to the majority, “Trust us, we know the solution.” And this is exactly how our country has been run since its founding. At the center of our national nightmare is the practice whereby a very small but determined minority of the Liberian society call the shots because they apparently believe that they know what is best for the country. All that they need the rest of us for is simply to legitimize their dictatorship and feed their egos....." >>>more

In Defense of “Illiterate” Liberians ~ By Chorphie Charlie

"... Liberia’s political elites are miseducated and illiterate to the customs, mores, norms, and values of ordinary Liberians. Making their miseducated democratic projected to be a source of mêlée due to its abortive nature, which distrusts the people’s right to decide their own destiny. According to some of their miseducated claims, our people lack of terminal degrees and inability to adopt western democratic norms is responsible for Liberia ’s backwardness. Conversely, a survey of western societies, especially America does not account for such categorical imperative of democratic practices. .....">>>more


"...ULAA  has not only failed to make itself relevant in the community, its leaders over the last decades have used the organization as a stepping stone to personal political ambitions.  Not soon enough had Mr. Ranney B. Jackson, Sr. Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Mohammed S. Kromah, President of ULAA been given the opportunity to represent the organization at the peace talk did they use to opportunity to secure for themselves positions in the Transitional Assembly...." >>>more


"... after reading the Daily Observer's article, the least I thought I could do as a Liberian is determine what public information was available here in the United States about  Mr. Yarclay, an individual professing to have $170 Million to invest in the LTC. Only one hour of research provided some very disheartening information..." >>>more

The Philosophy of Service And Its Implications for Liberian Youth by Mr. Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor

The education system in Liberia was developed during the colonial period modeled after that of the United States . However, that structure does not fit the needs of a country desperately in need of economic development, nor one trying to rebuild after a civil war. Liberia ’s education system needs to be rebuilt around an economy of business, food production and exporting goods. The system should be redesigned to properly educate as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time...>>>more

Using Monrovia ’s Garbage Disposals As a Revenue Source By Syrulwa Somah

I am of the opinion that the upcoming election is the least of our worries. As long as inequality exists in housing, employment, political, spiritual, economic, health, social, psychological or philosophical domains in Liberia , no Liberian should be satisfied until every citizen can live in peace and enjoy the fruits of his and her labors. Self-help, self-respect, self-sufficiency and self-love which equals to true patriotism or love of our country should inspire all of us to serve in the best interest of the Liberian nation and people..>>>more

What Is Education? ~ By Chorphie Charlie

"...Sawyer’s past experience socialized him that modern success requires a terminal degree and, for that purpose, through some shadowed connections, Sawyer entered a university. Lacking in personal mental potential, to handle the laborious academic task, Sawyer managed through similar shadowed mechanism and succeeds in acquiring a terminal degree in government affairs, without actual knowledge of the subject matter. ....." >>>more

Now that the War in Liberia is Perceived to be Over and Disarmament is Presumed to be Complete ~ Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

...I am very much sure that the immediate holding of elections now in Liberia will not get to the root cause of our problems, but elections now, is what we have and can get from the international community. Liberians need to remember that presently, there is no tsunami occurring in our backyard...>>>more


"... Is Cllr. Sherman silent because of his relationship, both personal and professional, with Bryant? Is that relationship more important than the interest of the people of Liberia? Cllr. Sherman and Bryant defenders are fond of saying that you cannot blame Bryant because the NTGL is a factional government. In my commentary, I have deliberately stayed away from acts committed by others for which Bryant could be blameless (in spite of the fact that Bryant’s recent dismissal of Charles Bennie shows him to be more in control than he cares to admit)..." >>>more

Weah’s Bid for the Liberian Presidency: Prospects and Implications (Part III) ~ by Dickson M. Togba

"...Schwarzenegger and Major’s individual experiences and education far exceed that of Weah’s. Schwarzenegger has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the University of Wisconsin and has successfully managed many complex ventures valued at millions of dollars. Regarding Prime Minister John Major, I do not understand how anyone can have the nerve to compare him with Weah...." >>>more

Education & the Liberian Power Dynamics: Part I ~ Nat Galarea Gbessagee

"....“education” is not based on academic credentials such as a high school or college degree, but on the totality of a person’s theoretical learning, experiential learning, and social skills expressed in terms of the person’s job knowledge, skills, competence, and performance in a particular profession or subject matter. I think in the new Liberia we are seeking to build, it would be very important not to overrate, but also not to underrate, the role and value of high school or college degree in Liberian society, especially with respect to the Liberian power dynamics and political leadership....">>>more

Reality V. Experimental Intellectualism: Echoes Chamber of, Hostile Intellectual Frederick Jayweh ~ By Chorphie Charlie

"...Until the philosophy, which holds one group of Liberians superior, and the other inferior, has been topple and totally destroy, we will speak out! ...until, there is no first class and second class citizenship of Liberia, we will speak out! ...until, miseducated Liberians and hostile intellectuals are totally limited, in our society, we will speak out! ...until, the treatment of a man’s behavior, is no significance, than the value of his rights, we will speak out! ...until that elections day, when the Liberian people will cast their votes, for we know we shall win, for we are confident in the victory, of patriotic nationalism over political matricide....." >>>more


"...In Liberia’s case, being educated qualifies one to engage in a government of theft, social rape, and political murder. ... This is what I refer to as a crime of socialization, the socialization of degree holders in organizing criminal political leadership. Such leadership has limited “education” (institutionalize learning) to a problem status, rather than helping the Liberian society. Leadership should not be this way...." >>>more

Reality v. Experimental Intellectualism: What has Mr. Charlie sold to the Public? ~ Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

"...By the way, what really is Mr. Charlie selling to his reading public and perhaps his community of followers? Is he really selling to the world that the UN has no power and authority to indict, arrest and commit to trial war and human-heart-eating criminals like Mr. Charles G. Taylor and anyone else who might have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia or Sierra Leone? Or, does he really believe that the UN has no legal power to arrest and try a war criminal, in this case Mr. Taylor?..." more>>>


"...Liberians, both at home and abroad have a Constitutional Right to assemble, make speeches and discuss issues. This is guaranteed by freedom of speech and assembly... To wrongly assume that Liberians in Liberia have those Constitutional Rights but Liberians outside Liberia do not, would imply that the Constitution is only applicable within the borders of Liberia and by equal argument the NEC would not have the power to control nor legislate what a Liberian does after he/she is outside the border...." more>>>

Who is a Politician? By Sonkarley T. Beaie

"...If politicians are those who given the chance to power prioritize their personal interest other than the state, then I am not a politician;... If politicians are those who when elected dethrone the Liberianization policy and align with foreign expatriates to exploit the country or engage foreign elements to cover up their mishandling deals, then I am not a politician...." more>>>

October 2005, beware Liberian youth, they are at your doors again ~ by Ben Browne

"...Liberians have endured all the pains of conflict and many hearts are staying heavy with the memory of the sorrow. However, the past is over and it is the future that summons us now. That future is not one that can be found in uneducated popularity, it can not be found in greed in the name of serving the people or the youth, nor can it be found in nepotism, corruption, injustices, and favoritism. Such future can be found in leadership that will be able to make real the promises of democracy by the past failed leaders..." more>>>

Liberia’s Political Nightmares: A response to Bettie and Nagbe By Chorphie Charlie

...the people have spoken in rejection to these so called educated Liberians. Yet, they continue to hold a mortified view of themselves as great leaders instead of assuming guardianship of the people’s passions. I think the condemnation of the people is symphonic of psychological withdrawal, in shame that the wisdom of the Liberian people’s choice for president is excited by a common footballer...more>>>

Combating Malaria in the Next Liberian Republic By Syrulwa Somah

"....It seems to me that Liberians are caught in a catch-22 situation in which they must choose to die from malaria or subject themselves to unsafe and outdated CQ intramuscularly treatments for malaria. But all hope is not lost as long as Liberian national leaders and health officials took appropriate steps to eradicate malaria in the same way the United States , China , Cuba , and other nations did when confronted with menacing effects of malaria...." more>>>

Ethnicity Reinforces Our Diversity Not Our Hindrance
By Syrulwa Somah

"... I find it farfetched and misleading for any educated Liberian to suggest that ethnicity or tribalism is responsible for the civil crises in Liberia , or that the Poro and Sande Universities were developed for purposes of constraining the reproductive capacities and general developments of women, including promotion of the so-called “female genital mutilation.” But I think such assertions are not only an act of gross ignorance but also an insult to the intelligence of the Liberian people...." more>>>

CIRCUMVENTING DEFICIENCIES – The justification for a semi-illiterate president ~ By Siakon Nagbe

"...Mr. Weah might have ‘love for Liberia,’ but I would rather believe that he would not permit a farmer to do an open heart surgery on him because that farmer has ‘love for medicine’..." more>>>

THE ILLS OF SYCOPHANCY By Theophilus Totee Bettie (January12th 2005)  

"... are there Liberians with the intestinal fortitude to tell “our emperor” that he is wearing “no clothes”? ....If Liberia is to be a great nation, then those of us who find ourselves in advisory roles to potential national leaders should under no condition allow the political ambition of said individuals to supercede the collective good of our country. ..." more>>>


".......Liberians living in the United States (lying somewhere in the range of 75,000 to 160,000 depending on whose figures one is willing to accept) represent a significant portion  (2.5-7% ) of the Liberian population. When other countries are taken into consideration, it is easy to conclude that there is close to 10% of the population, if not more, permanently residing outside the country..."more>>>

"...With so much fertile soil, natural wetlands, and forest resources, Liberia has no reason to be poor or to even beg for food from abroad. But we are our own worst enemies in Liberia because before Firestone Rubber Plantation introduced the much talked about “pussava rice” in Liberia, Liberia showed some ingenuity at communal farming through indigenous farming strategies such as the “susu” or “ku” (communal farming), which in the late 30s through the 40s didn’t only enable Liberia to export rice and other agricultural commodities to Ghana and other West African nations, but our nation was the gateway and “melting pot” in Africa.. ..." more>>>

Liberians Deserve Better ~ Solomon Myers

"...One does not have to be a political genius to figure out that Liberia is headed towards chaos. In a small nation like Liberia, which just emerged from years of civil war, it is difficult to fathom why there would 36 political parties; in spite of calls for unity...." more>>>

Who are those that keep Failing Liberia? ~ by Ben Browne

"... I have come to realize over the years that one of our greatest problems is we continue to put people with little or no education into positions of trust based on what we may get or our personal connection to such person. On January 3 rd 1944 we put an 8 th grade student in power that ruled the nation for 27 years unaccountable to no one but himself.... There is something deep down within the very soul of the ordinary people from mount wologisi to Maryland , from mount Nimba to Cape mount, and from St.john River to the Montserrado River that is crying for a leadership that will not fail them again..." more>>>

Liberia is at a Brink of Irreversible Environmental/Ecological Impotency by Syrulwa Somah, Ph.D

"...Our national relationship suffers when the best brains and government are heavy-footed and refuse to come together. Unless there is a radical metamorphosis in which Liberians “mount wings like eagles”, the intruders and peace agents will be only concerned with prolonging the civil conflict, diamond deals, deforestation and sexual exploitation. They are not only hell-bent on plundering our forests and natural wealth, but wrecking the whole natural order: deforestation, clearing land, killing animals and other hidden assets. The uncontrolled squandering of our natural resources goes unchecked even though resources such as forests, rivers, marines, diamonds, wildlife, gold and soil, once used or exhausted, can never be restored. ..." more>>>

Bush versus Kerry: lessons learnt for Liberia? ~ By: Theophilus Totee Bettie

"....We Liberians in the Diasporas cannot escape some responsibilities for the current quandary devouring our motherland. For the most part, our actions (or lack thereof) have amounted to a participation in a conspiracy of silence. Instead of vociferously agitating against the ills of our society, we have opted to cocoon in these United States. Our lack of involvement in the political affairs of our country is one of the reasons why in Liberia we have the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty, and scarcity in the midst of abundance. We owe it to our generation to make complacency in the presence of injustice an experience of the past..." more>>>


".... I was drawn particularly to allegations by Mr. Jackson of Mr.Weah's sexual preference ("In his attempt to make Weah invulnerable the fellow foolishly asserts that Weah is unblemished and a reconciler when in fact the allegation that Weah is a gay hovers over him undispelled") and felt that Mr. Jackson could very well have accomplished his article without referencing Mr. Weah being gay since as he himself indicated it was an allegation..." more>>>


".... Instead of sending numerous ministerial girlfriends on multiple shopping sprees and escapades as well as countless presidential and ministerial health checkups abroad without any clearcut benefit to the population at large, we could reinvest most of the money spent this way.. ." more>>>

Dr. Harry F. Moniba, Liberia’s former Vice President: Seen from afar yet familiar and honorable

"....Seen from afar yet familiar and honorable” is a tribute to Dr. Harry F. Moniba, our former Vice President, in fulfillment of the old saying that, “When you educate a son/daughter, he/she not only belongs to his immediate family/tribe but also to the nation.” more>>>


....Liberians must not use frustration of the past to set the nation on a sure path of doom. Unlike football, the consequences of failure in government will be another round of human carnage and suffering. This time it will be the fault of those who sang in the streets and voted wrongly, and the world will be looking elsewhere because Liberians had their chance. more>>>>

Hostile Intellectualism Shows Its Ugliness Again: The Case of Another Mis-educated Liberian Lawyer

....It is a great sacrifice to leave a job paying more in a month than what one will be expected to make in a year in Liberia, that is if it is paid at all; it is a great sacrifice to leave the benefits of 401k, profit sharing, life, health, dental, vision and retirement plans; to leave the expensive homes in suburban cities that it has taken years of honest labor to acquire; to leave the luxury of driving across a country without the worries of potholes; or to leave just getting up in the morning and not having to worry about water to take a shower. … It is a tough and selfless decision… they wait..". more>>>

Which Court has the Power to Try Mr. Taylor? ~ by Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

....Mr. Chorphie Charlie needs to take notice of the uncontested fact that it was Mr. Taylor and his evil lieutenants that carried war to Sierra Leone in exchanged for blood diamonds, intentionally killed the people of Sierra Leone, and held a little over 500 UN peace keeping forces as hostages in Lofa County...more>>>>


....It is a great sacrifice to leave a job paying more in a month than what one will be expected to make in a year in Liberia, that is if it is paid at all; it is a great sacrifice to leave the benefits of 401k, profit sharing, life, health, dental, vision and retirement plans; to leave the expensive homes in suburban cities that it has taken years of honest labor to acquire; to leave the luxury of driving across a country without the worries of potholes; or to leave just getting up in the morning and not having to worry about water to take a shower. … It is a tough and selfless decision… they wait. more>>>

IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE RIGHT: Observations and Comments on Dr. Emmanuel T. Dolo’s Response to Bai Gbala’s Article on African Intellectuals in the Diaspora ~ by J. Marsilus Flumo

"....where does Mr. Gbala leave himself if he, without any caution, sides with stripping exiled African intellectuals of their rights to be a part of the national conversations in their homelands? Next, I said to myself, does acquiring the necessities of life amount to turning one’s back on one’s country? Is he, for example, equating my flight from Liberia to the United States for safety to a lack of concern for my country and unwillingness to return and make a contribution? Is he, in essence, blaming the victim?" more>>>

Why The Fuss About Decentralization And Elections In Liberia? ~ By Nat Galarea Gbessagee

"... it beats my comprehension why anyone would propose that the 2005 general elections in Liberia should be postponed to implement a policy of decentralization in Liberia as if conditions exist to implement such decentralization policy in the country at the present time" more>>>

An Argument For No Postponement Of Liberian 2005 Elections

"..We must muster the nationalistic zeal and require that individuals seeking high office demonstrate the capacity to create and perpetuate genuine democracy rather than simply seeking positions for the sake of power perks and property. I believe that the bitter lessons of the fourteen-year civil war should inspire a passion among Liberians, as never seen before, to create the healthy environment for democracy to take root and thrive in our country." more>>>

Policing a high risk Society like Liberia ~ by Solomon Myers

Liberia has now gained notoriety as a destabilizer of the West African region, a renegade nation and a failed state, which harbors terrorists. Liberia must rise from its decay and become part of the global solution, as opposed to being part of the global problem. Liberia must not add to the problems in West Africa. Liberia should stand as a nation of liberty and justice for all Africans. more>>>

Repairing Liberia’s Slow Leaks For 2005 ~ Syrulwa Somah, Ph.D

..We need to get away from this false notion that two groups of citizens exist in Liberia , including a superior group and an inferior group, or that one set of Liberian culture is better than the other. I think these kinds of attitudes are unfounded and tend more to divide rather than unite Liberians. more>>>

Where women don’t Count ~ Ima Myers

In a society where girls and women don’t count; we can watch girls and women being killed, raped, abused and maimed and do nothing. We can watch the devastating consequence of the disillusionment and disempowerment of girls and women, and take no action. We can watch girls and women die of preventable diseases, suffer preventable and treatable trauma and do nothing, but continue with rhetorical musings. We can watch an impending crisis befall a whole segment of the population, and turn the other way. more>>>

Lone-star at cross roads (III). ~ Solomon Myers

It is essential that Liberians be raised from “mat to mattresses”. This is achievable by the reestablishing of a national housing and savings bank scheme, and the undertaking of construction in places such as Bush Road island, gardenersville , paynesville and also some parts of downtown Monrovia. Areas like WestPoint, in Monrovia, could provide an excellent area for building warehouses which could in turn generate revenue for the city. more>>>

Charting A New Direction for A Traumatized Liberia
~ Syrulwa Somah, Ph.D

...we have spent the last 156 years of our national existence as a nation and people in promoting a society of social and political inequalities, dominated by a multitude of political parties gravitated toward individual enclaves and "cult personalities." As a result, Liberia now has nearly two-dozen political parties whose goals and contributions to the Liberian society remained meaningless. more>>>

Who Will Hear My Cry To Train Future Liberian Leaders?
~ Syrulwa Somah, Ph.D

....Liberia is in turmoil today because Liberians do not know their own stories. Liberians have instead helped to advance the European agenda by teaching our children to read books like Don and Peggy, Snow White, at the elementary, to Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn (most famous was Tom Sawyer); Romeo and Juliet and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales; Rip Van Winkle, King Arthur's Round Table and Jonathan Swift on the national level.more>>>

The Role of the Bassa in Reshaping Liberia ~ by Dr. Somah

....When I began learning at my mother’s knees, my language of instruction was Bassa. Therefore, regardless of my current residence, education, or social status, I intend to remain a Bassa man irrespective of the consequences, if any. Bassa owes me nothing but I owe Bassa and Liberia a lot. more>>>>

Why Is A War Crimes Court Necessary In Liberia ? ~ Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

.......have Mrs. Taylor and her loving supporters truly become weakened and sufficiently pressured into turning away from war-making to accepting peace-making in Liberia? Or, have they simply packed their bags and gone to recess to await the actual departure of the United Nations and its forces to restart the act of war-making and destruction in Liberia? more>>>

On the Run...Again! ~ Solomon Myers

There was once a rich and successful poultry farmer, who was planning to embark on a trip. He needed a caretaker for his poultry farm, and eventually found a temporary and reliable replacement during his absence.

The farmer also had two house-helps. One was blind and the other was deaf. Apart from their respective visual and auditory disabilities, they were otherwise very capable.

Once the poultry farmer had found a temporary caretaker for his poultry farm, he embarked on his trip. Upon his return he called upon the caretaker to complete a comprehensive inventory of his farm .more>>>

Liberia’s Struggle for Democracy on all Fronts ~ Solomon Myers

Developed nations must not downplay conflicts in developing nations. Conflicts in totalitarian nations are particularly dangerous; regardless if the threat is a direct or an indirect threat against developed nations. Human “vultures” feed on conflicts and these conflicts eventually effect us all, because they pump the blood line for greater conflicts that eventually points direct arrows towards other nations.

In our very interconnected world, the United States must do everything in its might to promote democracy globally; because, it epitomizes what a democracy can offer its citizens. The US must desist from conducting business with totalitarian states, regardless if the nation in question poses a strategic interest to the US or not. Just as Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany were defeated; so must all forms of totalitarianism be irradiated. For nations struggling with democracy to thrive, they must be supported by developed nations. more>>>>

The color of democracy ~ by Solomon Myers

In the absence of democracy, totalitarianism is born. Totalitarianism takes away the natural gift of humans; molds them and contains them.

As Liberians struggle for democracy, some individuals within the state think that power belongs to them; and that they are above the laws of the nation. They feel they have international influence, and that this clout can be used to their own ends. Former US president Abraham Lincoln, emphasized that such individuals were "..worse than traitors in arms".

The vicious cycle of manipulative and “talking-head” politicians seeking self interest; as opposed to the interest of Liberians, led Liberia into its current “failed” state status, and will eventually lead Liberia into further chaos. Liberians should not be turned into preys for human “vultures” in search for their personal lifetime gold medals. more>>>>

Healing Liberia’s Women & Children ~ Ima Myers

The bulletin titled, “Liberia: Major Effort Needed to Address Gender-Based Violence” released by Refugees International, highlights the perils many Liberian women and Children faced during Liberia’s war, and the perils they continue to face today.

These perils, particular to women in war situation, is acknowledged and protected in the United Nations Article 76 (1), which states that: “Women shall be the object of special respect and shall be protected in particular against rape, forced prostitution and any other form of indecent assault”. Article 76 (1), Additional Protocol I, 8 June 1977.

However, several reports have highlighted the fact that Liberian women and children; ranging from girls less than eight years old, to women in their seventies, have been victims or have witnessed sexual violence in Liberia.... more>>>>

WHAT HAS CHANGED IN LIBERIA?~ Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

If you were to compare, contrast and reflect on the connections and inner-connections of the criminal and so-called business industries that have existed and are continuing to survive in Liberia, with direct connections to, and surviving with the direct consent of the past and present governments of Liberia, an out-rightly ware, illegitimate and inappropriate industries that have primarily fueled wars and civil conflicts in the Liberia and the sub-region...more>>>

A wake up call to the White House. ~ Solomon Myers

Political thought informs us that the fundamental goal of a society should be to ensure its own preservation. Without the state striving to ensure its survival and the survival of its peoples; the rationale behind the formation of the state or society should be called to question.more>>>

Is Mr. Charles G. Taylor A Refugee or Fugitive in Nigeria? ~ Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

Since Mr. Charles G. Taylor disgracefully and shamefully departed the Republic of Liberia in August 2003, there has been argument and counter-argument raised and highlighted as to whether Mr. Taylor is presently residing in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as refugee or a fugitive. There are those who have stated and maintained that by Mr. Taylor resigning as sitting president of the Republic of Liberia and accepting to take refuge in Nigeria, by such selfless and voluntary act, he is automatically and out-rightly granted the unrestricted right to live in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a refugee. Therefore and as provided for and contained under international law, Mr. Taylor is immune and forever protected from arrest, detention, and left alone, he cannot be tried by any national or international tribunal, whether he committed crimes against humanity in Liberia or Sierra. more>>>

Liberia Must Be thoroughly Disarmed ~ Counsellor Frederick A.B. Jayweh, LL.M

When a Liberian residing outside of the Republic of Liberia reads the political, economic and social news on Liberia, especially so the news pertaining to and respecting the disarming of the principal warring parties to the unprincipled and reckless civil conflict in Liberia, it is tempting for him/her not to indicate and conclude that at last, lasting peace, national security, the respect for human rights and the rule of law have arrived and are being sustained in Liberia, and therefore, the time has come for me, as well as all other Liberians living in foreign parts to pack their bags and return to Liberia and proceed to make the necessary and appropriate contributions that we, as Liberians are all obligated and responsible to make to restore Liberia to national and international respect and status. But, has the Republic of Liberia been thoroughly and comprehensively disarmed, and can Liberians entrust their lives, peace and security into the hands of the Rebel-led transitional government currently operating in Liberia? more>>>

Mothers in Peril: A Reflection of a Nation. ~ Ima Myers

"Sweet Mother" a song released by the late Prince Nico Mbarga, a popular Nigerian musician in 1976, spoke to the core reasons why we must celebrate our mothers and never forget our mothers. Mbaraga's, melodious tune chimed (in Nigerian Pidgin English) "Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me" (meaning: Sweet mother, I will never forget you for the sufferings you had to undergo for me). Mbaraga went on to say, "If I forget you [mother], therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe." "If you forget your mother you've lost your life." In essence, Mbaraga's lyrics re-emphasized the old saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation and its destiny." In other words, the state of a Nation’s Mothers reflects the state of the nation. At the heels of Mother's Day celebrations, the study "State of the World’s Mothers 2004" released by Save the Children, unearths the troubling question - have we forgotten the mothers in most of Africa? more>>>

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