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The Truth Will Reveal Itself
Thomas Kai Toteh (March 30th 2006)

 Oh my goodness!
 Thank God this day has come.
 This day has been long overdue.
Thousand Liberians!
thousand Sierra Leoneans!
young and old,
 wanted to see this day,
May their souls rest in peace.
Dey say he broke jail in America?
Yes, it is not a dey say.
That is the fact.
And dey say he ran away from America?
Yes, dey say, because no one ever
 explained how it happened.
Fugitives can run away from America?
How? How he played that magic?
O! So Nigeria super power now?
Can catch Charles Taylor,
The man who de US people
not able to catch?
No, the able to catch him.
We will hear something
Just wait!
But the only thing we hear,
he broke jail,
CNN says he broke jail
PBS says he broke jail
New York Times says he
broke jail.
But what about how he ran away from
America, too?
No, they never say that one.
Oom! Thank God sef
Nigeria people finnin catch him back.
But one day,
the truth will come out.



About the Author:

Thomas Kai Toteh is an author and freelance writer. He is a  Journalism major at Old Dominnion University, USA



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