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BY A. SAYKU KROMAH (September 11th 2005)

... Every Liberian lost a loved one in this struggle. But we will not let these brave men and women die in vain. We will attempt to build a new Liberia that will surely make them proud....

I have read Mr. Woewiyu’ s fairly informative recollection of the various attempts that Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, in concert with other seemingly good intentioned Liberians have made in bringing democracy and good governance to our beloved country, the Republic of Liberia. Like all such ventures, the actual implementation must be entrusted to individuals, whose actual intentions may not readily be known to key actors. As a result, there will be betrayals, and like all forceful removal of entrenched dictators, some will make supreme sacrifices. Their families may not receive any material benefits from their martyrdom, but the consolation of knowing that the departed one was a patriot who give his life for what he believed in.

It is unfortunate that unlike General Thomas Qwewonkpa, the late Samuel Dokie, Moses Duopo, and the many other illustrious sons and daughters of Liberia who died while attempting to usher in a new concept of governance based on transparency, respect for human dignity, and anchored in the principles of democracy, where rule of law prevails over all, Mr. Thomas Woewiyu, in concert with his ever trusted master, Mr. Charles Taylor saw this honorable venture as another avenue for scamming with a view to take state power, and amass personal wealth.

Mr. Woewiyu will never understand that the best way to honor those that made such sacrifices is to continue on the path of positive change for which they so labored! However, Mr. Woewiyu is not capable of understanding such concepts, with his “WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME MENTALITY”.

Another of Mr. Woewiyu’s selective amnesia, is his statement that Ms. Sirleaf was not in Banjul, The Gambia. Ms. Sirleaf was in Banjul, because I was there, and saw her with my own eyes. It was in Banjul that I had the opportunity to meet, and interact this wonderful, patriotic Liberian, when we both served on the Constitutional Committee (The Banjul Conference Document is Public Information). She has since earned my respect and admiration as a very selfless, dedicated patriot who is committed to the building of a wholesome democratic Liberia in which all its sons and daughters can proudly live in peace and harmony.

WHY DID MR. WOEWIYU WRITE THIS DIATRIBE NOW? Motive? Mr. Woewiyu is taking his orders from his boss, Mr. Charles McArthur Taylor. Even though I am not a spokesman for the Unity Party, nor am I a member of any political party, it is becoming increasingly clear that Ms. Sirleaf stands a very good chance of winning this election. Her victory may save us from trusteeship, engender genuine reconciliation, foster good governance, and enhance the critical reconstruction process. Her victory may also give Mr. Taylor and fellow- travelers the well earned, but overdue opportunity to absolve themselves from the charges against them before the World Court in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Given this scenario, and the fact that Mr. Taylor cannot directly publish any articles under his won name on the ongoing political process in Liberia, he constantly reminds lieutenants like Mr. Wooewiyu that we all stand to loose if this woman gets elected. Therefore, we must kept attacking. The Nigerian President, with whom Mr. Taylor has a very personal friendship, keeps reminding Taylor that ‘ you know that if an elected government of Liberia requests that you be turned over to them, we will oblige; therefore you are not a child … you know what to do’.

Thomas Smith Woewiyu and his boss, Mr. Charles Taylor are very busy trying to get somebody elected who will welcome them back into Government to complete the looting processing. Well thanks Mr. Woewiyu; at least you did not say that Ellen stole any of the funds that she used to attempt to foster democratic rule in Liberia, but used her own hard earned money.

We regret the loss of lives in this process. Every Liberian lost a loved one in this struggle. But we will not let these brave men and women die in vain. We will attempt to build a new Liberia that will surely make them proud. And from the array of candidates that have presented themselves, MS. ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF stands above the rest in achieving the task of rebuilding our country, and upholding democracy with transparency in government.


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