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A Bright New Day

By I. B. Twegbe (February 25th 2006)  


The rooster crowed a bright new day, and

  Ellen takes the helm of the Ship of State,

And vows to keep her right on course and

Inclusive for freedom, democracy and equal

 Opportunity for all, irrespective of race, creed,

Gender or ethnicity; a bright new day is here.

And Ellen is at the helm of the Ship of State.

  Now come on board all you hopeful souls,

Who have, for long, been waiting for this day,

And sail along with Ellen with faith and trust

On the historic voyage of reform and change.’

Together with Ellen we can end corruption,

And restore our country’s respect and honor.

Our hearts and hopes and all are with her

Our faith and prayers and all are with her.

Our trust and love and all are with her.

Trust will diminish our fears and hates.

 Prayers will open our minds to reconcile.

Faith and hope will keep the dream alive.

What would it take for those against reform and

Change, and the “Honorable Thieves,” who steal

Our national purse and leave the poor poorer,

To know the truth and nothing but the truth, that

“This glorious land of Liberty” is sadly deep in poverty.

Now come board the inclusive Ship of State,

And sail along with Ellen at the steering wheels,

And vows to keep the Ship of State on course

For Freedom, Equality and Justice for all.

Our hearts and hopes and all are with her

Our faith and prayers and all are with her.

God bless Liberia the Fatherland.




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