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By Chorphie Charlie (October 31st 2005)  

"... Our national social journey has shamed this crude view of miseducated Liberian managerial capability, which was confirmed recently by Dr. Amos Sawyer, the professor, that “We never use our education to benefit our people.” So then, why should our suffering people continue to reward the unbeneficial role this miseducated class has played in the destruction of our beloved country?..."



The suffering and suppression of the oppressed Liberian people summoned the majestic of democracy and goodwill during the recent voting as faith and hope met in the first round of the Liberian presidential match. And now, the dignity of our people and the destiny of real democracy await the final verdict as the process reaches its summit on November 8, 2005, in the second round. While not surprise at the predicting outcome, and the conduct of our people. One cannot but express profound gratitude to our great Deity for the sane atmosphere, which characterized the entire process. Indeed our suffering people must be credited for demonstrating the highest sense of political maturity-our people must be redeem from the clutches of criminal leadership.

The repeated wretched assumption posited by mis-educated Liberians before the first round vote that commonsense approach to leadership excuses scholarly requisites, technical capability, and sound management evoke this piece. Conversely, our analysis relating to the voting pattern of Liberia has muted such depressed conjecture. And now vindicated by the outcome of the first round vote, and being confident of securing commonsense victory in the face to face political battle on November 8, we are compel to engage this miseducated class as they continue to propagate those social vices that shatter devastation on our people, so as to provide understanding to other voters from those political parties that were excuse from the political monastery.

On Leadership

The province of commonsense leadership is represented by Ambassador George Weah, who has opened the village of hope to our suffering people. On the other side, political Jezebel, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf represents the criminal-sense leadership that has doom Liberia into the throwback on social Neanderthals. In examining these opposing leadership qualities (commonsense and criminal-sense) one must situate the challenges facing our national social development. In our political Jezebel own words, “we have to first secure the peace to make our nation secure.” This was her latest statement reported by the Associated Press, in one of her humorous confession that she feels a “sense of guilt” for her association with the failed miseducated class leadership. Thus, our people, in her figment of imagination must reward her with the presidency owing to her academic fellowship from America’s HarvardUniversity. Her supporters have campaigned that absent such socialization one becomes an ‘enemy of the state’ in pursuing the highest office of the land. For commonsense leadership, the real enemies of Liberia’s social progress are patriotic illiteracy, poverty, and disease, which are the fruits of criminal-sense leadership crown on the presidential passion our political Jezebel. We cannot allow Ellen to continue this path of criminality. Reject political Jezebel!

Patriotic illiteracy is the mechanistic assumptions of political utopianism supposing that theoretical memorization or inscription written diplomas/degrees would solve Liberia problem, without actual understanding and commitment relating to our political anthropology--for national development. Our national social journey has shamed this crude view of miseducated Liberian managerial capability, which was confirmed recently by Dr. Amos Sawyer, the professor, that “We never use our education to benefit our people.” So then, why should our suffering people continue to reward the unbeneficial role this miseducated class has played in the destruction of our beloved country? Commonsense leadership is our natural station, the genius of human nature without, which humans’ current social technological advancement would have stillbirth. The verdict is out--reject political Jezebel!

On Peace and Stability

By simply examining the institutional character and structure forces that were established and managed under the leadership of the vicious, sadist, and defective personality of our political Jezebel excuses her reptilian character from our nation political power. The fundamental issue now facing Liberia, according to Ellen’s own admission is “to first secure the peace.” Peace is the only vehicle through which Liberians are capable or pursuing life, liberty and happiness. Peace will give birth to stability and stability will create social conditions that permit national social transformation. This is the real matter that this election process must resolve, to usher in a leader who has the willpower for ensuring peace.

Political Jezebel is a party to the crimes in Liberia; she cannot be the prosecutor and judge. Her dubious character of moral corruption, and violence lacks the kind of logical syllogism require for understanding the special kind of challenge, which our socio-political conditions actually poses to Liberia survival. Neither pedantic nor self-absorbed but through his God given talents and uncanny spirit, political King George Weah epitomizes the true human nature, penetrating deep into the souls of ordinary Liberians, sifting out rage, hate, and raising the hope of a suffering people to realize what Ellen herself believes to be the foremost issue confronting Liberia: PEACE AND STABILITY.

Unfortunately, the political mutation of crowning a divisive, pretentious, and hypocritical sycophant simply for being a former Harvard student against the background of Peace and Stability, while rather widely regarded by intellectual delinquents as possible social theory, amounts to a homos habilus rumble. The problem of Liberian statecraft is the flabbergasted, Thrasymachus-like, and deliberating hogwash, which political Jezebel presidential ambition presents us. Liberia is a damaged social good destroyed by the very criminal-sense leadership that Ellen represent. If Ellen was so educated, didn’t she know that her sponsored war would kill our people, destroy their towns and villages? George Weah used his personal resources to stop the war-disarmament of combatants. Which of the two demonstrated an educated mind? Ellen needs to get in a program-for psychiatry attention. Our presidency belongs to a sane personality-reject political Jezebel.  

On International Contacts

One of the great pioneered for human emancipation, Matriarch Anna Julia Cooper stated that “a [people] cannot be purified from without…[because] a stream cannot rise [equal] to its source.” This wise counsel chuckles our human instinct of self-determination. For the most basic rights of human, is self-determination, and there is no reason to excuse the denial of that right. But the political pontification coming from Jezebel’s camp continue to insist that Liberians does not possesses such right to self-determination. And so, they maintain that Liberian should become a welfare state, to be control by Ellen’s international contacts that have not been revealed to the Liberian people. What are Ellen’s international contacts? However, Liberia is a rich nation both with natural and human resources. So, we must inquire what is responsible for this kind of mentality, to depend on others to control your destiny. This inquisition will suffer a slavery analysis.

Centuries have elapse since Africans engulf in a brutal and macabre struggle against institutionalized and legalized slavery. This struggle resolved nothing except to expose to the world how reckless and callous white supremacy could become in their orgy of bloodletting and barbarity. Note the description here is WHITE SUPREMACY, not all white people. Thus, the slave nature of democracy, is validated, not only by historical, sociological, and philosophical scholarship but is also verify by the anthropoid nature of its political legitimacy, the controlling of other people’s destiny.

And so, the attempt here is to locate the anthropological variable, which account for the Plantation style democracy Ellen’s supporters is championing in Liberia-that is, for Ellen to use her so-called international contacts to control Liberia. History shows us that the foundation of Liberia’s political government was border on the project of slavery. Liberia first government was dominated and controlled by former slaves under the directives of a white organization, the American colonization Society (ACS). Records show that nearly all of the members of this organization, the ACS were slaves’ owners. Emphasis must be place on the control mechanism of the Liberian government at the time; slave masters (ACS) directing the affairs of their slaves (Liberian government).

Relying on this historical evolution of Liberian governance, a null hypothesis is developed, which states that Liberians, except political Jezebel supporters are intellectually delinquent, incompetent for self-government, and naturally corrupt. This concept relates to the slave education nurtured by the Plantation style democracy, which have existed in Liberia well over a century. In analyzing slave masters’ socio-political development, Brown (1989) argues that violence has been the only instrument consistently used for their social mobility, especially by the criminal elements. Overtime, in Liberia case, due to social tensions, slave masters realized that in order to preserve popular support for themselves, Liberia’s political and social authority must maintain an illusion of equality by positing artificial policies, to protect the status quo.

Thus, Plantation democracy adopted two important purposes to the attainment of such goal-maintaining the slave-master relationship:

1. National leadership is the exclusive rights for those groomed in formal slave scholarship.

2. Ordinary Liberians were classically conditioned in the school of enslavement-to continuously remain in subservient roles.

This historical pattern of Plantation democracy has survived and is deeply embedded into Liberia’s political socialization. Thus, Plantation Democracy has become a compelling, although unacknowledged element in Liberia’s values and culture. Clearly, the anthropological birth of such mentality rested upon a broad miseducated consensus and the mobilization of that consensus through a social distribution mechanism that reward corrupt, and unpatriotic Liberia leaders.

And now facing a common danger, our people have congress in a common struggle to secure the full blessing of liberty. Liberia destiny cannot rest on the promise of international welfare, there is no issue here of donors’ right but only the struggle of human rights to self-determination, and there should be no compromise with this purpose—human rights is paramount. Reject political Jezebel!

To Conclude

Finally, the criminal-sense leadership represented by Madam political Jezebel demands that all peace-loving Liberian adopt a politic of conversion by embracing the commonsense leadership of Ambassador George Weah. A president Weah’s presidency provides Liberia restoration of peace, politics of real equality, and opportunity for national social development. We must all rally to vindicate the freedom of our suffering people, and all of us owe our people this duty, and all of us must serve this purpose. Reject political Jezebel. On the altar of God I pledge undying resistance to criminal-sense leadership. Excuse me while I throw-out.


About the author:

Chorphie Charlie is a social and political commentator who resides in Philadelphia.

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