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The color of democracy.
Solomon Myers (June 15th 2004)

"Worse than traitors in arms are the men who pretend loyalty to the flag, [but] feast and fatten on the misfortunes of the nation." ~ Abraham Lincoln

In the absence of democracy, totalitarianism is born. Totalitarianism takes away the natural gift of humans; molds them and contains them.

As Liberians struggle for democracy, some individuals within the state think that power belongs to them; and that they are above the laws of the nation. They feel they have international influence, and that this clout can be used to their own ends. Former US president Abraham Lincoln, emphasized that such individuals were "..worse than traitors in arms".

The vicious cycle of manipulative and “talking-head” politicians seeking self interest; as opposed to the interest of Liberians, led Liberia into its current “failed” state status, and will eventually lead Liberia into further chaos. Liberians should not be turned into preys for human “vultures” in search for their personal lifetime gold medals.

In January 1988, the United States sent financial experts to Liberia and they were empowered to countersign all financial documents issued by the government due to the gross mismanagement and Liberia’s ballooning debt. These experts were quickly frustrated and eventually pulled out of Liberia in a year. This quick loss of interest in Liberia, by the United States, facilitated the brutal civil war that followed.

In 2003, the United States got a second chance to intervene effectively in Liberia, to restore normalcy to Liberia.

Today, the path to peace in Liberia is still booby trapped; and it is in the best interest of Liberians and Liberia, for the United States to step in to oversee the governance of Liberia.

Liberian politicians have consistently failed the people, and have proven that they are incompetent of governance. Liberians live in squalid conditions, and their lives have been met with horror.

The lessons of the past should be remembered; and not repeated. Liberia should be rebuilt into a nation conducive for all Liberians.

The United States, the most powerful democracy on earth, now has a second chance to move Liberia from chaos to stability. There might not be a third chance.

From where I sit….


Solomon Myers hails from Buchanan, Liberia. He is a Political Scientist/Historian, currently based in Ottawa, Canada.

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