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Poem of Courage for the President-Elect

by Prince Dennis, Maryland-USA (December 20th 2005)


You are a little soldier, fighting hard for life,
You came upon the scene of cruel human strife,
Your mother taught you to always to be good and true,
and in every battle don't try to be blue.

You've met so many hard and awful blows, you know;
With friends, I heard; that "They shall reap, just what they sow,"
As a Woman of courage, keep up the good work with noble men, who'll toil with might;
and promise to engage in what is good and right, for the cause of the race, to make a manly fight;

The world shall be your cautious battle stage, If you follow wisely footprints of old age;
The endless fight of men for right against the wrong, Shall steel your youthful courage on and make you strong;

But you will need God's help all seasons of the year, to safely fight, with heart that's void of fear.

The Liberian cause is now beset with many darts, but we can win if you have true and loyal heart;

Old, though you may be, but we shall stand and march with you, If you will serve and hold the line.






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