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    Oh  Pay Day !

By: Ernest G.Smith, Jr. - (February 7th 2006)

 Pay day! Pay day! O what a remarkable pay day big papa; while other scepters      were dreaming development and cordial co-existence, you diligently and indeed courageously worked to established that which you desired-Chaotic sub region.

The Guinness World Book Record won’t be completed without the inscription of your famous name and some of your brilliant campaigns -Operation Octopus, the Cartar Camp Massacre, the Du-Port Road Massacre and, of course the Power Rapacious April 6 ’96. Mister Liberator, you alone turn L’Afrique de L’Ouest into a replica of terror and anarchy.

The amicable Senegalese tasted your wrath in Vahum; the egocentric Ivorian are still licking the fresh wounds you ingeniously inflicted upon them as a reward for giving you passage…… Guinean villages before and after Massanta are nursing their share of trademark; the thousands Sierra Leonean disables and amputees are vivid scenes of your handwork. O the desolate Gambian orphans and widows are product of your patent modus operandi and faithful toil.

Your very name stirs up anger and vengeance in Burkina Faso; it’s so amazing that       the Black Star with her noble record of discipline and humility in World Peace Keeping suffered severe pains at your feet and the mighty Aso Rock midst the loudest cries of her subjects stood sheepishly while you forced her harmless pens to sleep.

O ye freedom fighter prima facie, you’re a rare big time record-holding master schemer! Like your predecessor, coup d’etat and assassination just couldn’t drop you! As a tactical don you outwitted and outlasted all your comrades and archrivals in the hustle for Capitol Hill. Bravo O boy! You did survive the faintly-organized big hands orchestral zigzag ambush of June 4’03 by vitamin grace….

Ah you great organizer of good terror, how did you fall so low to the benevolent gangsters of the North and Southeastern? With quality roar and indelible scars upon your ego they undressed and sped you into wilderness for the pay day.

Pay day, pay day, O you long awaited day! Your eyes speak volumes of your anxiety; your smiles denote your joy in honoring West Africa’s beloved in grand style.

Kudos, kudos for you Mr. Illustrious, like a toothless bulldog you’re on the podium awaiting the medal tray to be adorned by Mother United Nations backed voices pro rata and least to oblivion for eternity. Why? Because it’s pay day and your pay day……… quid pro quo!   

Mr. Ernest G. Smith, Jr. is President and Coordinator of the Bassa Descendents in Nigeria (BADIN); Public Relations Officer of the Liberian Refugee Welfare Council (LRWC), Nigeria; Financial Secretary of the Association of Liberian students in Nigeria (ALSIN); Secretary General, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Oru International Refugee Camp, Nigeria and the President of the Association of Liberian Religious Studies Students at the West African Christian University, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Mr. Smith can be reached by Email at:

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