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Liberian Elections
Liberian Elections

The 2005 Liberian Elections ended on November 8th after a breath taking run-off.

Ellen Sirleaf's Unity Party, won with 478,526 votes (59.4%) and George Weah's Democratic Change (CDC) got 327,046 votes (40.6%)

Valid Votes 805,572
Invalid Votes 20,144
Total Votes 825,716

Over 30 international Organisations observed Liberia's 2005 Elections
African Union 4
American Embassy Monrovia 40
Baptist World Alliance- 4
British High Commission- 3
Carter Center- 8
DRC Inter Institutional Delegation- 11
EC Bilateral for Election Program in Liberia- 15
Embassy of Denmark- 1
Embassy of Ghana- 4
Embassy of Nigeria-5
European Commission- 8
European Federation of Liberians Associations - 4
European Parliament-13
European Union (EU) -41
Independent Election Commission of Nigeria -1
International Republican Institute (IRI) -25
IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Network) UN -1
National Democratic Institute (NDI) -28
Save the World/Togo -10
Sierra Leone Election Commission- 2
UNDP- 11
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)- 1
US AID- 17
US Presidential Delegation- 35
Vision in Action
West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) -15
West African Women Association- 4
Latest Updates:
Relevant Information
Candidates Financial Disclosure
Voting Precinct List
Election Video Clips ~ source: US Embassy
2005 Elections in Liberia

On on December 17, 2004 a new Liberian elections reform bill was signed into law by the National Transitional Government of Liberia. Liberia is scheduled to hold elections in October 2005.

This page provides information provided by the candidates, their parties and other groups.

Relevant Links

List of Qualified Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates


Elections Reform Bill


News Releases / Statements
The Moniba Family’s reaction to recent attacks on the late Dr. Harry F. Moniba and family.
.June 28th...Our attention is particularly drawn to the statement, “Anyone who stands in the way of John Morlu will be crushed. You and your family tried to do that and you are history.” For us, this statement is too hard to bear, too awful to endure, because it refreshes our painful memory and deepens the agony of our loss. Therefore, it is only appropriate that we allow the general Liberian public to judge the intents and purposes behind it.....more>>>
LAP's complaint
Former UN Official Winston Tubman Manipulates to Subvert the Democratic Process in Liberia
Scott G. Toweh June 27th -... The purpose of this instrument is to inform the people of Liberia and the international community about the manipulation and deception Counselor Winston Tubman ......more>>>
Release - Movement for Peace & Justice in Liberia (MOPJIL) - June 10
Arrival Speech Delivered On May 6, 2005 By John S. Morlu
John Morlu May 6th -... Before we begin these proceedings, please join us in invoking the sacred memory of my personal friend and brother, the late Dr. Harry F. Moniba, former vice president of the Republic of Liberia.....more>>>
Brumskine Holds Significant Advantage Outside Monrovia
Charles Brumskine April 27 -...Ending a successful nationwide tour, Liberian leading presidential candidate Charles Walker Brumskine is scheduled to address hundreds of supporters in the United States this Sunday in a bid to inform them of .....more>>>
Multi-Partisan Support Emerges for Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf
Ellen Sirleaf March 22 -... Liberian residents in the United States, who are from different political parties and with different political ideologies have organized themselves as LIBERIANS FOR ELLEN (LIFE) in support of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's ..more>>>
Estelle Brumskine Speaks on Women Empowerment
February 14-...Speaking to hundreds of supporters and international guests..... Mrs. Brumskine noted the many contributions of Liberian women in history and the great qualities held by the women of the day.more>>>
T.Q. Harris - New Year's Message
January 6 -My fellow Liberians, It is said that before a professional weaver weaves a new mat, he or she first studies the pattern and design of the old mat. By examining the old, the weaver decides whether to produce a replica, ...more>>>
Charles Brumskine - New Year's Message
Charles Brumskine Members of the Press, My Fellow Liberians, Happy New Year to you all. Indeed this is 2005, the long awaited year. May the “Alpha and Omega” of our country, and the “I am that I am” be with us all...more>>>
Scott G. Toweh - Response to Nimba County Superintendent
Scott G. Toweh January 4 - The purpose of this statement is to respond to claims by Mr. Harrison Karnwea, Superintendent of Nimba County, reported in the Analyst Newspaper, that Nimbaians were responsible for the Liberian Civil War...more>>>
Edwin Zoedua - Press Release
Edwin Zoedua October 18, 2004 - In Liberia, rampant starvation, lack of physical infrastructure, rampant corruption, violation of civil and human rights, administrative weakness, mismanagement, misplacement of personnel, ...more>>>
Send your releases to:
*LiberianForum.Com reserves the right to reject the posting of unsuitable material. In the event of the rejection of material, LiberianForum.Com will send an e-mail to the sender explaining the reason behind the rejection of material. Liberian Election, Liberian Elections
Presidential Candidates
Nat Barnes
James Kollie Barclay
Charles Brumskine
Marcus Dahn
Samuel R Devine
David Farhat
Saah C Gbollie
T.Q. Harris
Cornelius Hunter
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
E. Sumo Jones
Marcus R Jones
George K Kieh
Joseph D. Z Korto
G.V. Kromah
John S. Morlu
Blamo Nelson
Varney Sherman
Rudolph Sherman
Samuel W Thompson
Togba-Nah Tipoteh
Scott G. Toweh
Shad Tubman
Winston A. Tubman
George Weah
Joseph M Woah-Tee
Hananiah Zoe
Edwin Zoedua

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