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Counselor Frederick A.B. Jayweh holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA degree in Biblical Studies) from African Bible College, Bachelor of Laws, (LL.B degree in general Law)from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia, and Master of Laws (LL.M degree in American And Comparative Law) from the University of Denver College of Law, Denver, Colorado.

 Also, Counselor Jayweh is a member of the Grand Bassa County and the Supreme Courts Bars, Republic of Liberia, a registered member of the Liberian National Bar Association, and former Executive Director of the Civil Rights Association of Liberian Lawyers, Inc. Presently, Counselor Jayweh lives in Denver, Colorado and can be reached at: 303-884-2652 or


Which Court has the Power to Try Mr. Taylor?

....Mr. Chorphie Charlie needs to take notice of the uncontested fact that it was Mr. Taylor and his evil lieutenants that carried war to Sierra Leone in exchanged for blood diamonds, intentionally killed the people of Sierra Leone, and held a little over 500 UN peace keeping forces as hostages in Lofa County...more>>>

Why Is A War Crimes Court Necessary In Liberia ?

.......have Mrs. Taylor and her loving supporters truly become weakened and sufficiently pressured into turning away from war-making to accepting peace-making in Liberia? Or, have they simply packed their bags and gone to recess to await the actual departure of the United Nations and its forces to restart the act of war-making and destruction in Liberia? more>>>


If you were to summon the time and courage to carefully read and digest the May 24, 2004, Global Witness’ Report on Liberia, especially so considering the level of the immediate security threat that faces Liberia and West Africa, if you were to compare, contrast and reflect on the connections and inner-connections of the criminal and so-called business industries that have existed and are continuing to survive in Liberia, with direct connections to, and surviving with the direct consent of the past and present governments of Liberia, an out-rightly ware, illegitimate and inappropriate industries that have primarily fueled wars and civil conflicts in the Liberia and the sub-region, if you were to consider the huge benefits that grow out of these economic and political connections, and if you were to take a critical and keen look at the structure of the present rebel-led transitional government that is entrusted with power in Liberia and review its activities and credibility, you cannot help, but be compelled to ask yourself, what has changed in Liberia? more>>>


Is Mr. Charles G. Taylor A Refugee or Fugitive in Nigeria?

Since Mr. Charles G. Taylor disgracefully and shamefully departed the Republic of Liberia in August 2003, there has been argument and counter-argument raised and highlighted as to whether Mr. Taylor is presently residing in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as refugee or a fugitive. There are those who have stated and maintained that by Mr. Taylor resigning as sitting president of the Republic of Liberia and accepting to take refuge in Nigeria, by such selfless and voluntary act, he is automatically and out-rightly granted the unrestricted right to live in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a refugee. Therefore and as provided for and contained under international law, Mr. Taylor is immune and forever protected from arrest, detention, and left alone, he cannot be tried by any national or international tribunal, whether he committed crimes against humanity in Liberia or Sierra. more>>>


Liberia Must Be thoroughly Disarmed

When a Liberian residing outside of the Republic of Liberia reads the political, economic and social news on Liberia, especially so the news pertaining to and respecting the disarming of the principal warring parties to the unprincipled and reckless civil conflict in Liberia, it is tempting for him/her not to indicate and conclude that at last, lasting peace, national security, the respect for human rights and the rule of law have arrived and are being sustained in Liberia, and therefore, the time has come for me, as well as all other Liberians living in foreign parts to pack their bags and return to Liberia and proceed to make the necessary and appropriate contributions that we, as Liberians are all obligated and responsible to make to restore Liberia to national and international respect and status. But, has the Republic of Liberia been thoroughly and comprehensively disarmed, and can Liberians entrust their lives, peace and security into the hands of the Rebel-led transitional government currently operating in Liberia? more>>>


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