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Hostile Intellectualism Shows Its Ugliness Again: The Case of Another Mis-educated Liberian Lawyer

By Chorphie Charlie - December 6th 2004

...Just by me expressing a different thinking concerning the authority of the Sierra Leonean War crime court, our dear Liberian Con-seller indicts, tried, and convict my humanity as an irredeemable agent of the devil-the being called Satan. Oh my God!!!...

In his consuming emotional outbursts, “Which Court Has the Power to Try Taylor,” which is scampered with disjointed streams of consciousness, dysfunctional thought process, and illogical reasoning, one of Liberia’s [il]legal minds, Con-seller Frederick A. B. Jayweh, LL.M reinforced the prevailing thinking among ordinary Liberians that the so-called educated Liberian class are responsible for the horrendous social dislocation, biting realities of aching poverty, and political tyranny governing Liberia.

Con-seller Jayweh’s piece was a rebuttal to an earlier article I had written, “Does the Sierra Leonean [War Crime] Court Has Jurisdiction over Liberia ’s Sovereignty?” which appeared on the New Democrat website. Against an earlier decision, the attempt here is neither to defend my paper nor to debunk Jayweh’s rationale for persecuting Taylor , as he indicates in his tirade. Rather, the wisdom of this opus provokes a serious inquisition into the hostile intellectual culture in Liberia , for the sake of those interested in the political, psychological, and sociological health of our dear matrimony-Liberia.

Therefore, the more urgent and pressing issue that needs to be address in Con-seller Jayweh’s article, is an examination of Jayweh’s legal and psychological state of mind, which represents the troubling and dangerous clique of educated renegades in the political debacle of Liberia. Jayweh is a good case study because he appears to share a distorted, comforting, and mis-educated messianic view about himself as the know-it-all Liberian lawyer. In one part of his delusional discharge, lacking understanding of the Liberian complexities, he argued, “Trust me” as if to suggest he is the sole fountain of truth. This is the issue at bar, Jayweh’s mental health.

Con-seller Jayweh actually believes in the manifest destiny theory, and so, he condemns my humanity into the abyss of satanic doom as a “natural and constitutionally” evil personality. What a leap? Just by me expressing a different thinking concerning the authority of the Sierra Leonean War crime court, our dear Liberian Con-seller indicts, tried, and convict my humanity as an irredeemable agent of the devil-the being called Satan. Oh my God!!! Is this the kind of lawyering Jayweh practiced in Liberia ? However, this is an interesting insight into the mindset that has ruled Liberia since its inception as a nation. Ill-tempered, intolerant, and tyrannical personalities marry in the convenience of terminal degrees: mis-educated Liberians.

The term mis-educated Liberian applies to hostile intellectuals, the likes of Jayweh, lacking understating about their own culture, tradition, and history. Appearing very arrogant, intolerance to alternative viewpoints, and who continues to boast about their past connections (failure) of primitive fiefdom where they wield uncontrollable power, which has wretched our motherland into moral bankruptcy and lawless fiefdom. No wonder ordinary Liberians received harsh and undue [in]justice due to the hollow [il]legal ritual in Liberian that ignores due process and fair treatment. For to disagree with the likes of Con-seller Jayweh, a mis-educated Liberian, meant the rapid deployment of doggy minions baptized by a brigade of intellectual terrorists professing to know-it-all. Thus, the current monumental humiliation that public rejection has inflicted on the bloated ego and repulsive vacuity of hostile intellectualism, in Liberia , echoes the degenerate sense of mis-educated Liberians.

There are almost an infinite number of questions that could be raised concerning the legal and political system of Liberian. By simply highlighting Con-seller Jayweh’s rumbling, babbling, and repetitious hostility and intolerant behavior to free thinking and critical analysis, as demonstrated in his critique against me. For example: Why does the Con-seller believed that disagreeing with the SL’s Court mandate equals being evil? Why the Con-seller seems to suggest that once accused of a crime, a person has no right to disagree with the court’s authority unless that person was evil?

Unfortunately, the juvenile amplification of Jayweh despicable manifestation of hostile intellectualism towards questioning the SL’s court could be trace back to the opprobrium visited upon his power structure in Liberia . I am referring to the [il]legal practice of theft and corruption by mis-educated Liberians. Thus, faced with double barrels of social defects, lacking control over the instruments of duplicity and undergoing psychological tensions, as a result of hedonistic characteristic, Jayweh resorts to a new display of judicial terrorism, hostile intellectualism. This is an absurdity.

Without prejudice, it appears that our mis-educated Liberian lawyer, Con-seller Jayweh stands in needs of psyche evaluation. It does become our responsibility as good citizens to recommend help for our brother, Con-seller Jayweh. For the disease of mis-education, as we are all testaments to, is dangerous to our national health because it is intolerant, vindictive and creates chaos [warfare], which in term leads to the destruction of life and property, especially of our poor and suffering people.

Finally, let me restate that the intent of this piece excuses the issues raised concerning whether Jayweh piece’s “ Which Court Has the Power To Try Taylor” was relevant or not. The intent here was to expose the thought process and mind elements of hostile intellectuals, as demonstrated in Jayweh’s piece. And so, it is important that Liberians remove themselves from the mis-educated Liberian’s mindset of hostile intellectualism and seek a catalyst for drastic reforms of Liberia ’s socionomic fabric that will save us from perpetual social catastrophe.

About the author:

Chorphie Charlie is a social and political commentator who resides in Philadelphia

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